How to Find a Reliable Insurance Broker in Seattle

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September 13th, 2021 Veenu Sandhu

Finding the right insurance broker can be confusing, and the small fleet owners either don’t have the experience or enough time to sort through options. If you’re going to trust someone to help protect your business’s financial future, there’s a lot to consider.

It makes sense that in order to secure the best deal with your semi-truck insurance, you don’t only need to shop but also ask around. We’ve done the leg work for you and listed several factors that will help you find the best deal in Seattle. Here’s what you should look for:

Research which coverage you need 

Your insurer will likely offer you several coverages in your policy packet. Some of these coverages, like cargo, liability, collision, and cargo, are imperative components of a good truck insurance policy. However, some insurers will also offer you less-than-necessary protections. That’s why you need to learn how to separate the meat from the fat.

Figure out which one is knowledgeable and can be a genuine asset to your company. Knowing what coverage you need, can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Try to research as many policies as possible so you can get a better grasp on which coverage is for you.

Get Quotes from Several Truck Insurance Brokers 

Every insurer you discuss with will tell you to trust that he’s your best option. A sure-fire way to know whether you’re getting the best bobtail insurance cost is to talk to several trucking insurance agents before deciding on one.

Even so, you could choose from three insurance brokers that you can connect with right away. The chance is, they will compete for your business which will give you a more objective view of their policies.

Ask about discounts 

It’s no surprise that truck insurers are looking for low-risk clients. There are some indications that might predict you will be less likely to have a huge claim. Factors like CDL experience, OOS violations, and other factors contribute to lower premiums. What’s more, there are other automatic reductions you can qualify for, such as paying your premium upfront. To find more about what other discounts any given insurance agent has to offer, just ask him.

Gather Insurance Company Information 

Don’t just sign the first offer your broker brags about; make sure it’s reputable. Your state insurance department must have users’ surveys, which normally assess a commercial insurance agency’s reliability based on reviews from real-life drivers and fleet managers. Log into trucker forums and ask drivers what their experience with their insurance brokers has been like.

Read Your Policy Carefully

It goes without saying, but an insurance contract is a legally binding agreement, and your signature can’t be taken back. Simply paying attention to the small texts can help you avoid issues down the road. Don’t hesitate to contact your insurer if someone looks funny or you simply have any questions about your policy. Contact your broker if you have unanswered questions or turn to your state insurance department if there’s something odd.

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