Why going job savvy online may be a tedious task

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November 21st, 2012 M Saraswathy

The most prominent e-mail on my mailbox reads, “XXX professional networking site is going premium. Click now to upgrade your account free of cost.” The mail sounds genuine, so i click on it. The link indeed leads me to the actual website of the professional networking site and no, this is not about any phishing scam. This is, in fact, about the painstaking process of upgrading one’s account on professional networking sites and job sites.

Since the link said it was free of cost, any ordinary individual would be prompted to click on it. However, the process is not easy as it seems. As soon as one reaches the site, one is asked to click on the free upgrade link. But the account still doesn’t become a premium account. The user is the redirected to a payment gateway, implying that the ‘premium services’ do not come for free. Now, why in the first place would one be asked to upgrade the account for free and yet directed to a payment gateway? I wouldn’t mind paying up for upgrading the account, only if the procedure could be completed.

The tryst with the site continues. Even though I did try to pay, the page was redirected to several such pages so many times, that I lost patience exited. While narrating this to friends, I found out that they too had faced this technical glitch. If they tried to upgrade, either the payment gateway wouldn’t work or they would get a notification saying they should try later. This was true not just of one professional networking site, but of several such websites.

Take job sites for example. Leave alone upgrading your account, mere registration may takes hours of effort. The first task is to understand the website architecture and navigation system. Then comes the actual registration. You fill in the details. Yet, there are ten more steps before you can start using the site. Some sites need mobile number verifications. I understand that verifications are needed, but people may just not be comfortable giving out their mobile numbers. After much ado, even if they give it out and get done with the mobile code verification, the process is not over yet.

If it is a job site senior top executives, you need to enter years of work experience. Though there may be options like 2-5 years, if you click on them you are redirected to another page since you do not have ‘adequate experience’. If the target audience was people with 10+ years of work experience, why would the other options exist in the first place? This may not be true of all job sites, but these issues persist with several of them.

Friends who tried registering on these sites,almost instantly got e-mail like, “There seems to be some problem with your registration process” or “You do not have adequate work experience. We are sorry” or “We will get back to you soon”. Most friends have lost hope and trying out the offline processes and are more or less content with the results.

While these user-targeted websites still struggle to bring out the perfect user-friendly simple site free of technical glitches, it is amazing to see how  social networking sites have almost perfected this art. Be it registration or online payment for certain games, these sites have mastered the art of smooth flow of content and data. The other professional networking platforms and job sites have a lot to learn.

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One Response to “Why going job savvy online may be a tedious task”

  1. Satish R Says:

    Regarding job sites, I have not tried many except Naukri/monster and they both are quite good. Other job sites if they really want people to register with them, would need to improve the user experience on their sites else people will keep going to Naukri/monster. Social networking sites are good but there some features which I find are quite quirky even in the best of the best. For e.g in facebook I always struggle to navigate and quickly change some of my interests such as favouritie movies, music etc. I always need my wife’s help to do the navigation bit !


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