Humble ‘Candidate’

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March 24th, 2010 Praveen Bose

He came, a former corporator, now canvassing for his daughter. She’s contesting the polls to the local civic body. He represented the ward earlier. Why not try his luck this time?

The ward is reserved for woman (general) this time around. The last time it was reserved for woman (SC). He had visited my house about 10 years ago. He had come home then promising to give a metalled road in addition to a few more facilities for the people in the locality.

With the promise, though, came a caveat though. He promised to get the job done if he was paid Rs 25,000 for a start, by the people of the locality, which then had about 50 houses. He managed to get Rs 1,500. He did not take it with his own hands. His hangers-on did it.

Yes, he did remember he had taken the money and reeled out a list of “good work” he had done for the people. The 72nd Amendment had indeed given him the powers and autonomy to spend money on “good work”.

This time? “My daughter sir. She’s standing. She is well-educated. She’s a BCom graduate. Please vote for her. I will¬† be there to guide her.”

When he came canvassing for his daughter, he came with his son. He promised to be in control of the situation.

But, why would I vote for her till I spoke to her and even got to know her intentions? “Our women don’t go out. We give them respect and they prefer to stay indoors.”

Will she attend the proceedings in the House? “That I will let her. She’s a good girl. I will be in the galleries watching her.”

Oh, for the women’s independence!

In power, people change. Will she tear herself away from father’s control and style of politics?

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3 Responses to “Humble ‘Candidate’”

  1. solo Says:

    The Women’s Reservation Bill is pure hogwash, and was drafted only to divert the attention of an inattentive public from core issues such as inflation (single-digit? You must be kidding), terrorism (we’re still pleading with Pakistan to punish Hafeez Sayeed or whatever his name is. If they don’t, we’ll….. we’ll…. ah yes! We’ll stop playing cricket with them!), and a million other issues. And while all of us are busy betting on, praying for and otherwise going ga-ga all over our tax-dodging cricket stars and brattish bollywood hunks and hotties, that Italian woman struts around as if she has done this country a great big favour. Wake up India.

  2. Anuradha Says:

    This is so true! We really do not need women’s reservation. What women need is education and independence.

  3. Ram Says:

    Dear Mr Boss, Well said. Indian politicians irrespective of party or parties have been mocking the people of India from the very beginning. It is hard to understand whether the people of India are fool or politicians are smart. Very confusing for me, it seems both are fooling each other. Now Congress came with a new sympathy “Women Bill” or participation of women in the politics. BJP fully supported this Bill. Definitely women are very sentimental with this decision, participation in politics. Question is that, women! Who are these women!. It is going add one more member from the same family. Like once needed, Laloo brought her wife from kitchen to Chief Minister of Bihar. What a shame! But politicians do not understand the meaning of shame. Hope people will wake and join Swami Ramdev, present hope to India.


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