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March 19th, 2010 Praveen Bose

The IPL has brought in the best of the US TV sports that can be brought into our drawing rooms. Americans may have no idea of what cricket is, but one of their newest life exports i.e. the nimble and supple cheer leaders are now taken for granted on the TV show called the T20.

Take them out of the drawing rooms, and what would the cheer leaders look like in flesh and blood? That’s the curiosity that is driving a very great number of those ‘repressed’ fans that come to cheer… the teams. With the cheer leaders egging them on, it is but natural that you see the dozens of ‘fans’ cheering their approval for the ‘moves’ of the cheer leaders.

A fellow journalist who has spent over least a score and a half years in the profession went to watch a T20 match. Not to see the cheer leaders alone. He decided to be a part of the hoi-polloi, instead of the VIP lounge that he could have managed with some push. But, being a hands-on ear-to-the-ground kind of journalist, he came across a group of college-going ‘kids’, very cheerful and who made it clear as to where their support lay, with their t-shirts and other accoutrements.

On seeing the older man.. perhaps the age or even older than their parents, they were curious. “What are you here for sir?”

“Just to see what the circus is all about.”

“We are all here to see the cheer leaders. How do they look in flesh and blood.”"We are grateful to Lalit Modi for bringing the cheer leaders and cheering us up.”

So, even as the debate over the corrupting influence of cheer leaders on the Indian culture, the BCCI and Lalit Modi will laugh all the way to the bank, and so will the cheer leaders laugh all the way to the American bank.

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5 Responses to “Just Cheering”

  1. Vibhor Says:

    Its Showbusiness…the rich are becoming richer..the famous are getting more popular…few unknowns are getting recongnition..

    Who cares about donating the earned funds to those who need the most in India?!

  2. deep Says:

    Some of my friends went to see the 1st match in Mumbai, they were seated just a few rows behind the DC cheerleaders. They filmed one of their dance routines and showed it to us!

  3. Guharajan Says:

    Well, its just business & entertainment mixture, which is new….. BCCI has made it in style and has become really cash rich to be envied by other cricket governing bodies across the world. Great going and a good business thought. I did write it in my blog as well….

  4. Swapna Says:

    Strange! I asked a few groups a few generations younger than me and what they said could be paraphrased as:

    at IPL1,
    yow my man, they were wow & new;
    at IPL2,
    sure dig life in SA - cricket, beer, barbecue & ‘em;
    at IPL3,
    my man, ain’t cool anymore, old like u.

  5. Archana Says:

    Modi is probably eyeing the CM’s post after his stint in IPL ;)


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