Uncle Sam on the job yet again

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March 21st, 2011 Nayanima Basu

“For God’s sake leave us alone,” screamed a 40-something burqa-clad woman in Benghazi against the attack launched by allied forces against ‘tyrant’ Muammar Gaddafi. Ever since civilians in Libya declared war against their leader for 42 years, the port city of Benghazi – Libya’s second largest city has become a household name across the world. However, the place could well turn out a new playground for President Obama, who was longing for such an opportunity to come his way with the help of which he can now finally show Americans that he is the quintessential US President and not the one who would bring “change”.

As massive fighter jets took off Saturday night for Libya, the world watched in awe that Uncle Sam was back again on the job it knows best – to intervene in other’s affairs not because their hearts bleed for poor Libyans but because the smell of oil is too strong to resist.

The ghastly memories of 2003 were rushing to my mind when President Obama called Gaddafi “a tyrant who is killing his own people” in a similar fashion and accent that George W Bush used to describe Saddam Hussein in order to justify his attacks on Iraq. It has never been civilian or human rights that fuels American fighter jets but oil and only oil to swell its reserves. The US strategic petroleum reserve currently stands at 727 million barrels and the Obama administration is under severe pressure from the Congress to tap its reserves to stabilise prices.

Gaddafi has lost the nasty game he was playing and sooner or later he would face the inevitable. And just as people there took up arms against their leaders without any intervention from the US, the UK and France, they would have destroyed their dictators also and would have chosen their own leader. But now, with US intervention, not only will these people lose, they would become puppets in the hands of so-called Western democratic despots.

It was Mr Obama only who had said during his ever-aggressive election campaign that it was due to his predecessor’s faulty foreign policy that US was facing adverse impacts in its Af-Pak policy. Then what’s happened now? Mr Bush must now be laughing his heart out. And once again the US has proved that it can never change. The world is once again watching with muted response as global giants’ rampage the world again while others pay a heavy price.

And it would be foolish to think that the reason why suddenly the Arab leaders have joined hands with the allied forces is because they want democracy or they are proponents of human rights and dignity. Rather this is an extremely clever way of crushing the spirit of democracy that is sweeping the Arab world recently. This can be clearly seen in the way voices of democracy and freedom are getting choked in Bahrain.

Hope Mr Obama is quite aware of the fact that whether it is North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia or Libya… US will only win hatred and NATO troops will bleed to death while terrorism raises its ugly head once again. Only this time they will be fiercer and bloodier!

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12 Responses to “Uncle Sam on the job yet again”

  1. Richie Mauss Says:

    It’s really sad that there is such upheavel in Libya today. I hope that Khaddafi steps down soon for everybody’s benefit.

  2. Omigosh Says:

    Omigosh. Criticising Uncle Sam? That too in INDIA, beholden to Uncle Sam for so many goodies? How DARE you? Can you not see this is not on?

  3. Deb Says:

    A very very common layman view to the problem. Mdm. Basu please think about leaving the people of Libya in the hands of a crazy despot first. 2nd , you should also know why India didnt support his motion.
    So as I said a very common and layman view of the events and actually most of it incorrect and prejudiced.

  4. Pritash Says:

    Gibberish. It seems you are okay with Qaddafi’s use of power on Libyans. The opposition was almost crushed by Qaddafi’s armed forces. How can you say people would have deposed him when they were heavily bombarded from air. May be you missed Qaddafi’s statement where he vowed to fight to the “last man and last woman”. Your opinion would have made sense if Libya had a Egypt style revolution.

    @Khan Even if we had resources we would have kept US at bay. India initiated non alignment movement. Read post independence Indian history before commenting

  5. rajiv Says:

    To Khan, wherever ur from. Thanks for the friendly advice, is there a non freindly type too… try to have some independence of intellect which is very important and not always tread the beaten track

  6. Sudhir Singh Says:

    I just few lines and got bored of this. Criticizing some one is very easy. Blaming somebody for doing something is even easy for people who just sit and do nothing like Indians. India is not taking part of any action against Gaddafi and there are some Indians who are criticizing action taken by US and other countries. I have just one question for the people who are against this action. What the world should do for person who is mad and killed thousands of his own people in few days time just to be in power. Don’t tell me that it is their internal issue and let them handle it. Its a humanitarian crisis and world need to respond. I can’t blame Indian govt or Indians because they don’t understand what is humanitarian means. Here you see corruption even in the money meant for helping poor people in floods and natural calamity.


  7. Mahesh Says:

    The intent of US intervention can be questionable, but the act was required, just to support the civilians, whom Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was killing with little remorse. Whats important is that what happens after the intervention. Does US launch a manhunt for the Dictator? Or do the people of Libya take over the administration themselves.

    Throughout this drama, dialogue between the two fighting parties (not US) must be the ultimate aim for anybody looking to establish peace there. This was offered to the Colonel, which he declined. Now its for the people of Libya to handle two dangerous parties - The US and the Colonel. Caught between Hell and a Hot place.

    I hope, peace is restored in Libya shorty.

  8. khan Says:

    @ Nayanima Basu . . . Bravo girl you used a very good platform to express the reality of Uncle Sam
    @rajiv. . . . . dear you look like indian, so lucky you, your country dont have any natural resources for Uncle Sam to or else you would be in the shoes of an Iraqis.. if you are not aware of the US foreign policies so better reframe yourself in commenting on others. . . . it’s a friendly advice.

  9. Thomas Paul M Says:

    The author is only partly correct and partly wrong About US intervention in Iraque she is correct . But it is not even correct about all past US interventions in others affairs : for example, what about the US and NATO interventions in Bosinea in Eastern Europe ? There was a genocide happening in that country against Muslims by conservative christians . US and NATO intervention saved thousands of Muslim lives there . Is it not so ? Bengazi can not be compared to that but Col. Gadafi declared ” No mercy will be shown … House to House will be searched and Killed ” His planes were bombing and the tanks and machines guns were bombarding against a relatively unarmed and ill trained fighters and civil population at Bengazi. The Arab league requested for a non flying zone . How a non-flying zone will be imposed with out attacking against the air defences of Col. Gadafi ? So Barak Obama , though was reluctant in the beginning, was forced by the plea from many quarters including the Arab league, to impose a non flying zone and to save the people of Bengazi and other small towns . This does not mean that what ever US does in other countries , is with out self interest : yes. the author is correct, in Baharin US is blinking its eyes when the majority Shias poulation is suppressed by Saudi and Baharin monarch’ s tanks and guns , and even in Yemen, US is very ambivalent in its response .

  10. RC Says:

    Meanwhile, in Egypt US received a rather tepid response from the Revolution Youth Coalition which not just refused to meet Hillary Clinton during her visit to the country, it also demanded that the US administration make a formal apology to Egypt’s people for its foreign policy towards the country in the past decades. It is not really so surprising that some people just want to be in denial about the ’superpower’ being a mere opportunist and no philanthropist.

  11. rajiv Says:

    What a cliched view of US intervention.If the allies did not strike the madman would have decimated benghazi and its people, who would be responsible, would you stick your neck out for them. The attacks were , I feel a rather late, it should have been executed much earlier and made way for ground troops now to occupy and destroy the despot who is like in all the arab world is drinking the blood of the people. What democracy, do u think they can even have time to think about such arm chair ideologies when there is loot every where, its so easy for someone to write couple of words sitting comfortably with their belly full, the ground realities are much much different. Do u think the US dont have a strategy larger than taking oil from the arabs, which is a very very tired cliche.
    try to think out of the box mam, and dont write like a bored hack, churing out couple of hackneyed stuff for the poor readers to suffer day after day…

  12. John Wilier Says:

    Rare but very accurate view of what is happening in Libya. I am quite surprised to see this article and feel that you might have just violated the current journalistic ethics prevalent in the for-profit media today - for the good. Bravo!

    The same old story from 2003 is repeating all over again. Most oil wells in Arab nations are drying up and the West is now turning to Libya and Iran. Bush, Obama - it is just the same thing. US bullying the world through UN.

    Africa, the world’s most richest region in terms of natural resources, is today one of the poorest economic regions in the world. It is the place where France, Britain and US have been doing gun running and looting resources forever. UN stands guard as a cover shunning the rest of the world from this slaughter. I have first hand experience of this heinous crime. But how many of us care about that?

    Looking forward (a bit skeptically though) to more such articles.

    - John


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