Entertainment unlimited in Bengal

January 24th, 2012

In Bengal, the word Poriborton (change) is now a cliché.

Till about some eight months ago, one could spot absolute strangers in buses, trains, metro rail and neighborhood street tea shop, suddenly entangled  on a serious political discourse on Mamata vs Buddha. If compiled in a book, the scholarly discussions would make a good research paper for sure.

These days, such erudite Adda sessions are missing. Just to tell readers a few lines of Adda: these are notorious  gossip sessions, often attributed for Kolkata being home to a “work shy population”. May be  Didi is subject to the law of diminishing marginal utility or may be, the pro-Poribortonists know they won’t draw any attention of peer group in cribbing about the thirty four years of communist Bengal.

There is no sense of disappointment either. The public memory is too short to remember the London promises for Kolkata. Yet, Didi knows what it takes make front page picture, most of the time effortlessly. More importantly, she knows how to make people laugh. Little wonder, Didi is a hit in youtube with her unique speech at the Bengal Leads summit. If the diplomats were taken aback by her affable style of conversation cutting all protocols, industrialist were astound to hear Didi calling Sanjay Bhudia, Managing Director, Patton Tanks as “Mr Patton”.

“Mr Jindal is here? You have some land problem? Government, they cooperate with you or not? Fully we cooperate,” was for Sajjan Jindal, chairman-cum-managing director of JSW Steel.

To everyones amusement, the East Georgia and Calcutta University educated chief minister was heard saying, “Bangladesh is on the border of Pakistan.”

She comes out with her best in open-air forums in districts. At the inauguration of book fair, addressing a motley crowd of
representatives of different countries she asked everyone to consider “Bengal as their neighbouring state.”

India has no dearth of entertaining politicians, but it seems Didi is here to give tough competition to Bihar’s Laloo Prasad Yadav. More importantly, Bengal is yet to get London roads, but there is no dearth of entertainment for people in Bengal as long as Didi is here.

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