An execution and a farewell in Mumbai

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November 23rd, 2012 Jyoti Mukul

Within a week of Balasaheb being laid to rest, Ajmal Kasab was executed. Mumbai city felt the sorrow of a leader’s demise and then soon enough probably rejoiced the death penalty to the one who wronged them. Death after all can evoke different feelings. And, a vibrant city like Mumbai does not like anything which comes in the way of business and the Mumbai way of living.

Balasaheb, whose roots have often been traced to Bihar, represented one side of the business capital of the country -— that of being a hardline Mumbaikar. He gave Mumbai a militant identity through his Shiv Sainiks. But, at the end of his life’s innings he got praise and tears from the citizens. In some respects, it was a typical Hindu way of thinking -— not talking ill of the dead. More so, when the person is a political leader who, without contesting elections, commanded a massive following by appealing to the marginalized Maharastrians at some point in the political history of the city though most of it was built out of sheer muscle power that usually follows such a one-world view.

Perhaps, in a fitting tribute to the Mumbai leader, the local police acted against Shaheen Dadha for posting a seemingly innocuous update on Facebook. Innocuous because much harsher obituary pieces on Balasaheb had been published by newspapers.
The philosophy of intolerance had always found acceptance in the city and the police action was just a vindication of this belief. The action was obviously because the girl was a non-Hindu and the one who clicked like on the Facebook update though a Hindu was apprehended probably just to give it some kind of a secular hue.

Then, came Kasab’s execution. The Pakistani national was part of a conspiracy to kill and cause irreparable damage to the Indian state. Damage came in the form of a debate on whether by lodging Kasab in jail and not executing him, Indians were giving another proof of being a weak nation and by extension Hindus were a coward lot. So, with one execution, the government has debunked this allegation of being soft on Kasab. But how far this will work for Congress remains to be seen especially since, with one killing, militancy cannot be eroded. Besides, what do you do to those who vandalise and threaten common people every day?

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3 Responses to “An execution and a farewell in Mumbai”

  1. Ishan Says:

    I have one Q to Ms. Aditi who is very zealous in blaming Thackrey, Congress and Modi’s good to be Champion of Secularism and condemn Leaders accused ( rightfully or fictitiously as it is in Case of Modi !)
    of supervising killings ..Since Day One i.e. Eighties it is rarest of the rare that any one has EVER shown guts to condemn the Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus it much zealous Ms. Aditi or likes e.g. Gang Leaders of ( Stinking Pseudo-) Secular Cult Mr. Javed Akhtar, Mr. Pakistan ( aka Mahesh !! ) Bhatt, Mr. Rajdip Sardesai, Ms. Burkha ( aka Barkha !!) Dutt , Mr. Karanchi ( aka Karan !!) Thapar, Mr. Parvez ( aka Pranab !!) Roy of NDTV !! Does anyone has even taken a note of the fact that entire Kashmiri Hindu Community was wiped out from Kashmir and Impotent Congress Govt. was not mere a Spectactor but, rather Catalyst of these killings ?! What if entire Muslim Community from One Indian state would have been wiped out ? What would be the reaction of these Secular Talibans of India ? Evidently, it’s been fashion to Condemn Modi and become Self-Proclaimed Champion of Stinking rotten and Most Distorted Form of Secularism in India !! This can happen only In India !! May God Save India from These Pseudo Secular Goons !!
    On a Side note Author Jyoti Mukul fails to understand that Kasab was executed after due course of legal proceedings to say ” with one killing, militancy cannot be eroded ” sounds like she is Accusing Indian State of killing an innocent man !! Kasab was Terrorist proven guilty in court of law and was EXECUTED - what is wrong in it ? If we have to Hang a Million Scums like Kasab let’s Do It !!
    ‘Cause ” Jan-ni Janma-bhoomin Swargadapi Gariyasi ” ….Today’s Facebook Generation and Secular Taliban won’t understand this Sanskrit Verse ..IT MEANS PERSON’s ‘ MATRU BHOOMI ‘ IS OF MORE VALUE THAN HEAVENS !!

  2. aditi Says:

    Yeah..couldn’t agree more with you…Thackerey’s Shiv Sena literally supervised the killing of so many people in Mumbai after the Babri Masjid demolition…as did Congress leaders in Delhi in 1984 and Narendra Modi in Gujarat..!!

  3. Amiti Sen Says:

    Communalism is the biggest threat to our safety and happiness, yet we refuse to recognise it and keep fanning it through our wonky analysis of situations. The arrest of the girls for FB comments was downright outrageous, but it was so disheartening to hear so many say that it was good for their safety or they would have been ripped apart by Shiv Sainiks. People talk as if it was fate accompoli for them and there is no rule of the land. Similarly, the way terrorism and Islam are used interchangeably is shameful. India being weak on terrorists is talked of by many in the same vein as it being weak on Islam! Maybe it is time to at least check the dictionary.


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