Hold on, Mr Kejriwal

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October 15th, 2012 Jyoti Mukul

There is more to the political discourse these days than just corruption charges. It has also come to be a repertory, devoid of inhibitions and full of newer and interesting phrases. So you had Vadra taking the help of “bananas” and “mangoes” to express his anguish against those questioning him and then law minister Salman Khurshid terming Arvind Kejriwal, activist turned politician, a “guttersnipe”. While every day is turning out to be a field day for Kejriwal, leaving the ones targeted by him quite exasperated, if not for these terms, a certain fatigue could have easily crept into the corruption debate.

Looking back, India Against Corruption may have very successfully put the corruption issue right in the front of us ever since the Jan Lok Pal agitation began last year, but at that time there was a lot of convincing that needed to be done. Doses of CAG reports too helped in building up the atmosphere. This year, the strategy of IAC has been to target individuals levelling charges against them and then actually running faster than probably it should to move on to the next man on the agenda. As has been with allegations against Khurshid, there has been a bit of mixing up of facts leaving many to believe that Kejirwal was relying more on a TV sting operation rather than his own independent verification. Coming as it did within days of an expose on Robert Vadra , it quite unintentionally took away the spotlight away from the Gandhi family’s son-in-law.

There is a certain pause which is missing, leaving one to wonder whether the everyday new expose policy is really serving any purpose. IAC needs to pause and stick on to issues and not probably jump on to another. Kejriwal seems to be a man possessed who is making things difficult for politicians but at the same time turning the pages too fast. It may not be wrong to say that in just about few days, his diatribes may not be taken seriously if this continues to be the pace.

For taking on politicians , who have been in power and know the tricks of the trade fully well, an emotive Kejriwal without a strategy may just end up being media’s source of latest in breaking news rather than an actual game changer. With corruption already a well-accepted thing among many Indians who either pay their way to get their work done or are themselves deep into easy money with loads of tolerance and envy for relatives who flaunt their ill-gotten wealth, corruption may just end up being a topic for television discussions. Between now and last year, in any case, Kerjriwal’s barbs, modelled on media’s investigative style, have overtaken the Anna phenomena, Jan Lok Pal demand has been forgotten and now it is just a race for elections where someone is sticking on to the corruption issue without realising politics has no one shade.

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4 Responses to “Hold on, Mr Kejriwal”

  1. Yolan Says:

    Love you Anna . Really I still think I am dreaming .How can aonyne be so brave and honest to fight against super powers .Change of the whole Corrupted system can be seen only in cinemas not in life!!!Even many film makers wouldn’t have thought this that way !!!You’re the AVATAR in this polluted world . Jai Hind

  2. smartalec Says:

    Mr Varadarajan, you have got your political math all wrong. Contrary to your expectations, Kejriwal actually did dwell at length about BJP leader Nitin Gadkari’s dubious deals. And what’s wrong if AK, as you call him (like he’s some kind of bosom buddy) wants to join politics? And what’s wrong about his exposing the Congress the way he is doing right now? Or would you that he rather keep quiet and allow them to loot the nation unabated, unopposed? How naive can you get.

  3. R Varadarajan Says:

    Between Last year and this year the ambitions of the AK and his team have changed and naturally their approach. AK has actually proved many of the detractors wrong in his politcal ambition and has become a powerful player in political arena today. After all, the success in Indian politics is the ability to put down your opponent rather than performance of any sort. Having achieved that, AK and his team have become an alternative to the congress, whose credibility has sunk to rock-bottom level. Although many are expecting his new expose on some BJP leadership - I would not agree with that. AK would not like to burn the bridge from both sides and he needs at least one or few parties to his support to achieve whatever position he is hoping to achieve. He is playing his cards very well, thanks to the legal support he has !!!

  4. ram Says:

    someone has to question and check on these so called elected poloticians and why the politicians need big business establishments and private educational institutions headed by them .
    they are for the public service no they are for only self accumulation of enormous wealth as black money .
    They are the creators of black money.
    Please someone has to wake up and question them ie janlokpal bill


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