Punish, don’t plan

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January 2nd, 2013 Joydeep Ghosh

Shabana Azmi wants certainty of punishment…someone wants the rapists to be chemically castrated… someone else wants capital punishment…While the 23-year old girl is dead, the political, social and media fights (for the best bite) are still on. And of course, there are the Abhijeet Mukherjees…

While there are no quick-fix solutions, I feel capital punishment is the answer. Anyone who has committed a rape should pay. And I really don’t care about the arguments that say that we should educate, make them realise their mistake and so on and so forth. The worst excuse is… Since, they have seen such things happen in their families… they are dysfunctional… and so on…

And I hate words like ‘sensitise’. What the hell is that? Sorry guys, a rape is a rape. There is no time to change the society.

It’s not that only the uneducated do it, even the educated do it. How much education does one need to understand that when you are forcing yourself on someone and that person is in pain, there is something wrong with it? Not much, I would assume. If any person is blind to this pain, then he/she/it should be made to go through it or simply hanged.

Start with the basics. If there is a first instance of eve-teasing, jail the guy for 7-30 days (depending on the extent of the crime). And, if there is a second instance, jail them for one year or more. Put their pictures in local papers, college gates and railway stations.

Once we start treating eve-teasers as criminals, we will start the process. But yes, to ensure that the law is not misused, there has to be proper investigation with evidence. The idea is to have strong deterrents. Fear is the key.

For the social activists who want them saved and educated, there is a solution. Create an island like Guatemala Bay or India’s own kala pani during British times, which will house rapists from all over India. The activists can always go and teach them in these special zones.

And can we stop this “Nirbhaya, Damini” nonsense?

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