Less than a crore is so ‘LS’

October 18th, 2012

Indians have always been extremely conscious about social standing. It began with caste, graduated to class and now, finds expression in the euphemism of ‘status’.

Art imitates life and the best reflection of the Indian obsession with status is seen in cinema. The rich girl who falls in love with the poor guy or vice versa is always told “apne khandaan ke izzat ke bare mein socha hota (you should have thought of your family’s status).” Or, “iski aukaat kya hain (what’s his standing?)” – so LS (low standard).

Anyway, the good part is that the fathers/brothers/uncles in most Indian movies have a change of heart and support the marriage in the end.

Sometimes, even the guy/girl becomes immensely rich/Miss World in minutes to become acceptable.

But this consciousness about status is not just limited to marriage, it extends to ordinary life too. A person with a supposedly high status involved in a petty crime is denounced as “chuha maarke haath ganda kiya (dirtied hands killing a mouse)” – so LS.

In many other countries, society does not look at the status of the offender. So punishments are doled out in the US to celebrities or politicians, according to the crime, which could be community service or even jail.

A Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have done community service, Martha Stewart served a jail term. Recently, Scout Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) was given two days’ community service for public drinking and carrying a fake ID. Even politicians have not been spared.

US Senator John Ensign resigned for violating ethics by paying the family after having an affair. In India, people would snigger at such offences – so LS, many would say.

No wonder, Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma’s comment on Monday that Cabinet colleague and Law Minister Salman Khurshid would not indulge in a scam for an amount as small as Rs 71 lakh does not come as a surprise – So LS…

And while Khurshid has filed a defamation suit against the publication, by trivialising the issue, his colleagues are not helping him at all. Someone should tell them — using another borrowed line — it’s not about money, honey.

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