Raja ki jayegi baraat…?

February 3rd, 2011

Today’s front page headlines ‘Raja, two aides arrested’ left me wondering. Why were they arrested? Means, ok, they might have helped some companies make quick monies, broken a few rules, and there was some loss to the exchequer. But aren’t we used to it.

Come on, guys… have a heart. During BJP’s time, some company (I don’t remember the name off hand) bought some hotels and sold it at a huge premium to another company.

Then, there is Karnataka, Aadarsh, Sugar, Common Wealth Games, Onions, Black Money, Aarushi murder case, Ramalinga Raju (of Satyam fame) and god knows, what else and where else.

The media has been kept busy by, besides the Niira Radia tapes, a whole lot of other scams. Journalists, armed with leaks, hit front pages every day.

But will any of these cases ever see a logical conclusion? – Front page news, media pressure and all are fine. Television channels especially, are quick to point out that a lot of cases have come out in the open because of media pressure. Then, these cases get stuck.

Many of these accused remain just like that, accused. After a few months, newspapers and channels start referring to the accused as ‘allegedly accused’ (well, some play it safe and use ‘allegedly accused’ from the very beginning).

After sometime, the media moves on to uncover new scams. And the ‘allegedly accused’ move on with their lives. Some retire, others hide and yet others are quietly rehabilitated (away from media glare). Few suffer. Then, why bother…

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