CWG: Playing with our money

August 10th, 2010

Kalmadi, Darbari… and whoever else is managing the Commonwealth Games is making… oops, has already made a mess of it. And success or failure of the event does not count.

Every debate on television channels only highlights our lack of preparation. The debate between Congress’s Manish Tewari, BJP’s Kirti Azad, Ashwini Nachappa and Sanjay Jha in CNN-IBN was quite disgusting.

The way Tewari and Azad were screaming at each other at the end of the show was pretty cheap. In fact, the latter was quite controlled for most of the show before he lost it.

But there is something quite funny about the Congress. When anything goes wrong, their spokespersons are quick to point out that it is the UPA government’s problem. I don’t know how they will react if something goes right.

Well, can’t blame them either. In the last one year, there haven’t had many reasons to celebrate. Despite the 200-plus seats and 2,000-point salami by the Sensex on their victory, things aren’t too rosy.

Since then, only bad news has dominated. Naxal killings, railway accidents and Bhopal gas tragedy have taken up most headlines. On the economy front, things are not so good either. Inflation is up, so are interest rates and the Sensex’s stuck.

So money-making is no longer easy unless you are a crook. And the CWG mess proves it. Hiring treadmills at double to price, inflated costs on building stadiums… even toilet papers have not been spared. That too, for a series of sporting events in which we figure nowhere, internationally. And ‘Mahim ka Champions’ don’t count.

Yes, we are decent in a couple of them and have even won Olympic medals. But in most others, we are laggards.

And the blame lies with organisers, not sports persons. All the sports associations are manned by people who have no knowledge of the game. It’s not good enough to “have played basketball in college” or ‘following World Cup Football on television’.

Anyway, am I paying for this nonsense? Yeah!

But I don’t remember paying a cess. Like there was an education cess, why wasn’t a CWG cess introduced? At least, I would have known that I am being officially looted. Playing with our money digg:CWG: Playing with our money newsvine:CWG: Playing with our money reddit:CWG: Playing with our money Y!:CWG: Playing with our money