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June 28th, 2010

No, lesser beings like me don’t have a writer’s block. But after writing 200 words on some ‘n’ number of topics for some time, I just decided to put together something (out of sheer frustration and khunnas).

Brazil just missed scoring its first goal against Portugal!

Ok, after losing the battle with Irda, Sebi Chairman Chandrashekhar Bhave blasted the mutual fund industry a couple of days back.

Poor fund houses, first, they have been unable to attract enough long-term money – whether because of mis-selling or lack of understanding among investors is irrelevant – then, they get ‘jhapoed’ by the market regulator regularly.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, have to become more stringent but I have a feeling that their commissions will continue to be much higher than mutual fund distributors. Sebi’s actions, though, have ensured some transparency.

Match drawn! Brazil was quite violent.

Just wondering, since Ulips are being sold as mutual funds or their replacement, why should there be a difference in commissions?

Monday! Yesterday’s matches were great. Germany versus Argentina in quarters will be sad, as one team will go out.

The mid-field magic is missing during this World Cup. None of the teams seem to have magical mid-fielders. In the absence of the Zidanes and Figos, mid-field football has been quite average. Messi is only one looking decent.

Yesterday’s match confirmed my conviction that the so-called golden age of English football is quite a sad team. In the last two decades besides Linekar and Owen, all English strikers have looked average, at least in my memory.

Model Viveka Babaji’s unfortunate suicide was front page news for most general papers. Tabloids are still going full throttle… Just think they should let the incident fade. Do we really need to know what other socialites thought about her? Or, what is the legal position of her present/ex boyfriend?

Awaiting today’s matches. Hope the referees are better. Three cheers for Saina … Can newspapers please ignore first, second, third round exits of Sania? -- pl collect
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