Look, the pigs are flying!

February 20th, 2009

The colour of my blood is green. I live in a rainbow.  My pet is an Anaconda. I am married to a cloned sheep. Porsche has launched a diesel car.
It is sad, but the last bit is true. Come March, Porsche, will take the covers off the diesel Cayenne – the first ever car from the stupendously successful sports car maker from Stuttgart to ruin its internal combustion innards with messy truck fuel.
Nothing, dear reader, is sacrosanct now. One should have guessed the way diesel motors were progressing – with common-rail fuel feed systems, enough torque to spin earth the other way around, enough mileage to mock bicycles and more green cred than Greenpeace means diesel fuel has arrived in life. But they could have spared Porsche.
May be they needn’t, and we should’ve been mentally ready for diesel Porsches and now be ready for even scarier stuff like diesel Lamborghinis and Ferraris after the phenomenal success Audi has had at 24 Hours of Le Mans with diesel power.
The 240 bhp V6 that goes under the bonnet (borrowed from VW?) can’t even take the massive Cayenne mother ship to 250 kph and it takes a rather shameful 8.3 seconds to do a 100 kph run (shameful in Porsche terms) but the press release talks about more important stuff, like fuel efficiency. How about 10.7 kpl from a Porsche? If not by that figure, you will be impressed when you know that you can drive 1000 km on a full tank of the smelly fuel. Welcome to the real world, where the world likes to have SUVs and even the super SUVs have no option to run on diesel.
Yeah I am looking out of my window and I can really see pigs flying.

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