Driving in eastern europe

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October 8th, 2008 Bijoy Kumar Y

Next time you are passing through Frankfurt or CDG, do spare a thought for East Europe and take a connecting flight to Prague, Budapest or any other city you can get a flight to. Once you are there, hire a car and start driving - no, do not use a GPS or any of the modern navigational tools. Just get into a car and drive. And get lost. And enjoy getting lost in a new country! While expressways are as good as they come in Europe, it is the B-roads that will take you to magnificent villages, postcard settings and fantastic people. Last I drove in East Europe was ten years back and I got to say things are changing fast. It is important that you visit these countries before there is a Mac D around every corner, right?

This time around my route was Budapest to Prague through bits of Slovakia and lots of Poland. I loved the city centres, architecture in general, the occassional Polsky Fiats and pre-VW era Skodas and great food from the truck-stops where we stopped. People, thank god, didn’t speak English and it felt like I was driving in a foregin land for a change. But I hear Polish and Czech schools are teaching English these days. So go before these children leave school, go before the old Fiat 500s rust away, go before the abandoned housing blocks are re-built and go before another American chain start operating in Slovakia.  


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3 Responses to “Driving in eastern europe”

  1. HIMANSHU Says:

    this is indeed a very good idea…
    will try this out surely sometime…

  2. John Says:

    OK so I go out there and “lose” myself in the midst of a buncha people who don’t speak english and yours truly doesn’t speak any other language so how am I supposed to figure things out? Lets say I get hungry and the signs are in whatever language of the land but incomprehensible to me - what am I gonna do? Go to those east european countries with NO GPS - i wouldn’t venture to go there with a GPS, picturesque or not - that place is fulla gangsters. Thanks but NO THANKS, I will stick to the more popular/infamous places as you put it coz kids there speak english.

  3. Priyanka Joshi Says:

    Next time, you go some fancy place like mentioned above please take me along as your GPS advisor….


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