Mamata and Mulayam: The only way to govern

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September 20th, 2012 Tarun Chaturvedi

In the good old days when the country was ruled by the Rajas and the Maharajas, one of the prerequisites of a good ruler was to govern with a lot of love and affection and to deal with the subjects in a soft and tender manner. The possession of wealth was of course desired but could not be pronounced in an open court. So two of the most important virtues a good ruler was supposed to possess were – LOVE & AFFECTION (Mamata) and SOFTNESS (Mulayam) and of course WEALTH (Maya) was meant to be secretly pursued.

Ha ha there we are.

Even today it seems no government in India can govern successfully without Mamata and Mulayam. The tumultuous turn of events over the last few days have convinced that the possession of Mamata and Mulayam by the ruling UPA-II is a must if they are to govern successfully and it seems that this conclusion is not going to change in the near future.

In fact, this conclusion is going to be strengthened in the coming few years. Let us see how.

With Mamata virtually out of UPA-II, the ruling coalition has been reduced to a minority and will now be looking at (the second quality) Mulayam. Whether Mulayam obliges or not depends upon what bargain he gets in return. If he has a short memory he may decide to repeat his earlier mistake. But in all probability he will have some sane thought and will definitely not allow him to be used as a stop gap arrangement. Even last time the UPA-I had used him as filler and dumped him at the time of the general elections. And of course the bitter fight between the Congress Scion Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav is too recent to be swept under the carpet. But again as we have learnt, politics is strange and so are the ways of people who practice it. In the likely event of Mulayam declining to come to the rescue of the ruling UPA-II, the last option will be to fall back on Mayawati.

As in the olden days, even today the ruling party would like to pursue this secretly and off course this combination without Mulayam or Mamata may not survive long. With the support of Maya alone a ruler can not rule for long – so said the ancient rulers – how true!!

Let us now analyse the possible scenario in the event of a mid term polls. Even here we will realise that Mamata and Mulayam continue to remain the support pillars of the next government irrespective of which party emerges as the single largest and stakes it claim on 7 Race Course Road. According to the Opinion Poll / Survey conducted by a leading TV Channel a few days back, the Samajwadi party and the Trinamool Congress are likely to increase their Lok Sabha tally in the event of a mid term. Even if we assume that surveys may not turn out to be true we should not forget that both these parties are ruling the states which together constitute around 20% of the strength of the Lok Sabha and surely can not be taken lightly.

So we are again back to where we started. No ruling party in India can ignore to have Mamata and Mulayam on its side if it wants to govern successfully.  Oh what about Maya – well UPA-II has taught us that maya can be pursued without Mayawati.

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2 Responses to “Mamata and Mulayam: The only way to govern”

  1. Maayank Says:

    Good one I am sharing it on my FB

  2. SUNIL GOGIA Says:

    Dear Tarun,
    Politics in today’s scenerio has, in fact, been changed from “LOVE & AFFECTION (Mamata) and SOFTNESS (Mulayam)” to “POWER(MUSCLE) AND MAYA(WEALTH)”. In this dirty politics, the only sufferer is THE COUNTRY AND THE SO CALLED COMMON MAN for which nobody has time to think or rather care for 3 basics i.e. “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN. For this, we the countryman r responsible.


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