Lakshman Rekha: the real definition

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September 17th, 2012 Tarun Chaturvedi

Mamata Banerjees’ recent warning to the Congress party not to cross the Lakshman Rekha prompted me to do some research on the imaginary line so often used in our vocabulary. A summary of my research findings is given below.

Lakshman Rekha is a line drawn by Lakshmana around the dwelling he shares with his brother Rama and Rama’s wife Sita at Panchavati in the forest of Dandakaranya while he is away searching for Rama. Anybody other than Rama, Sita and himself attempting to cross the line would be singed by flames erupting from the line. Once Lakshmana leaves in search of Rama, king Ravana comes in the form of a mendicant and asks Sita for alms. Not expecting a trick, she unsuspectingly crosses the Lakshman Rekha to provide alms to him and Ravana kidnaps her. Thereafter starts the real macho story of Rama and his heroic deeds which culminate in the destruction of evil (read Ravana) and also signal the victory of truth and morality. Ram becomes the hero and the ideal man who is the saviour of all.

After going through the above, I felt that Ram must have thanked Sita (of course secretly) for breaching the Lakshman Rekha and allowing him the opportunity to show off his valor and qualities of leadership.

Cut Ramayan and come to 2012 India.

Any similarities? Hardly!!

And even if we assume there are some similarities and the Congress party is crossing the Lakshman Rekha by taking unilateral decisions on the economic issues, what are the consequences Mamata Banerjee is talking off. Off course the only one thing she can do is to withdraw support which may force mid term elections. The UPA – II government is bloody corrupt and the number of scams under its reign are unprecedented. Going by some of the scam reports (may read CAG) the exchequer has lost Lakhs of crores of Rupees and the public is being fed regularly with trailers of what is more to come. The last few years have been marked by absolute corruption and total lack of governance. All these are being reflected in the day to day miseries of the common man. Infact so much is the despondency of the common man that the current PM – once a hero of the common man is fast emerging as a national shame.

In these tragic circumstances, it is quite clear that the UPA – II under the leadership of the Congress Party has already breached the Lakshman Rekha of good governance and financial propriety long time back.

By ignoring the earlier actions (corruption / scams etc.) and terming the current actions (economic reforms) as a breach of the Lakshman Rekha, the political parties (especially the TMC) are allowing the (now struggling) Congress party a fresh lease of life. The allies who wish to bring down the UPA – II on this breach of the imaginary line should not forget the fate of the Left Front (which had withdrawn support on the Nuke deal) during the 2009 elections.

The Left Front had mistakenly thought that by signing the nuke deal with USA, the UPA – I had crossed the Lakshman Rekha, and deserved to be pulled down. The public thought otherwise and the 2009 election results reflected that in clear and unambiguous times. Similarly this time too, a large section of the Indian public may feel that the current decisions are in the national interest and may deal similarly with the allies who wish to force early elections.

But nobody will ever forgive the UPA – II (specially the Congress) for the corruption scandals wherein the people feel that the real Lakshman Reka has been crossed and the ruling coalition deserves to be singed in the flames which erupt thereafter.
Let the people decide what the real Lakshman Rekha is and who is breaching it and what should be the consequences.

Do not use faulty definitions and allow the Congress party to deflect the mind of the people from the breach of the actual Lakshman Rekha.

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2 Responses to “Lakshman Rekha: the real definition”

  1. tanuja sharma Says:

    Very interesting Tarun and thanks for connecting me. on the political front-it makes sense if the allies or opposition parties are feeling threatened and want to pull down the government.
    till now the scene for congress is horrid. each one of the citizens are actually horrified with-not only the amount of corruption-but also the way they have dealt with it. Specially the media show on congress has been too bad. Responsibility for that is not of media but congress appointed speakers. they have really damaged the party being defensive and speaking rubbish. sititing in Panels and observing silence would have been better. :-) . Current public psyche has atleast two things imprinted on it-a very corrupt party (but so are others) with a very week and chaotic leadership, or so i think.India as a county is used to smart leaders who can make worst of the corruption-a matter of joke and get public attention.
    Now with PM taking charge-chances are that lots of good consumer stuff will be visible to common mass, jobs in retail for sure will happen,industry is going to be happy and so will other sectors. within two years, congress in going to engage very many stakeholders. Especially industry is going to back them as they have no other choice. if they (congress) somehow work out the strategy to reach to village levels, where i really feel that they had intended well and had made efforts (all employment schemes), scene can be better. if they can talk of current scams as a sign of their efforts to bring out system sickness in public zone for fair treatment (instead of conventional family thinking/wisdom of keeping abuser protected at home to avoid shame) also if it can be topped with some accountability mechanism-if not lok pal.
    truth is some decisions like FDI in retail, will be short term growth.we would have been better off with more well though out liberalization. We are better off with the congress scion not usurping power urgently and damaging the country further. we are certainly better off with prince Rahul wanting to do ground work and understand our country better 9as we have anyway no much talent for leadership??). atleast he sounds well meaning. we certainly dont need Mulayam’s and Mamta’s.we also dont need charismatic leadership any more.

    oh i can write endlessly but my truth is that a class (bright 99 percentile) is scheduled and i need to leave now-knowing fully well that like all classes, today’s class will also be another one of sufferings they (and us) have been enduring for getting a degree which gives them a good placement-KSA’s will happen only when they suffer a boss during work.We have yet not been a knowledge hungry, proactive knowledge building county and can not be so in the current socio-political environment. for original long term thinking, either one needs to be so starving that meaning of life occurs, or we all need to be at the higher level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs -self actualization.
    these have been my today morning thoughts. Hope i have not crossed the Lakshman Rekha :-)

  2. surya mishra Says:

    some give and take Lakhman rekha can be moved forward or backward.


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