Why this 24/7 tele-shoppingveri di?

March 15th, 2012

A sofa that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on air, a machine that multi-tasks as a vacuum cleaner, iron and a wiper, a home spa that helps detoxify cum reduce acne/extra kilos — these are just some of the products among the array of products available on your very own 24/7 tele-shopping channel. If the 24/7 news channels that keep screaming throughout the day haven’t irritated you enough, try watching these tele-shopping channels.

The whole phenomenon started off as harmless half-hour programmes on Indian television channels. It essentially had a ‘non-Indian’ host with a funny Hindi accent, with products priced at an amount which is a rupee lesser than a whole number.
With 24-hour news channels taking control of television, why would these tele-shopping guys stay behind? That is when they too came into the picture.

One has a variety of tele-shopping channels to choose from. It is good news for regulars to these channels that there are Indian hosts too, in some of them. The format is simple. Mornings to evening to night, useless products are on display. Each product is advertised atleast 7-8 times everyday, accompanied by irritating faces and loud voices.

The best part of the ads is the user testimonial. Their failure to fame story after usage of the product is totally entertaining. Consider this: “I could never fit into my old clothes and hence couldn’t be a part of my hubby’s social circle by wearing those sexy dresses. That is when my friend suggested XXX fitness belt to me.  After using the product, I lost 8 kgs in a week. Thank you XXX fitness belt,” proudly says a middle-aged American woman in anglicised Hindi. To add to this, there is also a funny looking doctor to testify the statement.

This doctor is talented for sure, because he switches between being a dietician, gynaecologist and an ophthalmologist, depending on the type of the product. The products themselves aren’t anywhere behind, having medicinal and cosmetic properties at the same time. Reviews of the products are below average most of the time.

Consumers needn’t be disheartened. Apart from these ‘magic products’, there are other items too. You may purchase 20 saris for 4K, or 500 pieces of jewellery for 2K. Do you actually need them? This is a question that must not be answered.

If you are wondering why I even chose this topic to blog on, it is simply because I was/am a victim of them. I was lured to spend 3K on a worthless vegetable dicer that was supposed to work like a wonder by chopping in seconds.

As I recuperate from my monetary losses, just a piece of advice: ‘Watch these channels purely for entertainment purposes’. Coz, it hurts when their products don’t work.

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