I love you iPhone, so what if that makes me delusional

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June 8th, 2010 Priyanka Joshi

Dear Mr Steve Jobs,

I know that you run the biggest technology company called Apple and you make the most gorgeous looking, also far more superior gadgets than your peers; but why did you launch an iPhone 4?

I take the liberty to speak for other iPhone users who love the platform equally because we have hundreds of fun applications running (and there’s never a dearth of space on the iPhone). Many iPhone users (like me) have page after page after page worth of applications that they have downloaded (I know I am spending a measly $10 every month on buying paid apps but that’s all I can afford since you refuse to launch an Indian App store).

Now that you have announced your intentions to deliver a new iPhone on the shelves by June 24, what will I do with my iPhone 3G? I definitely can’t part with it and I definitely can’t give the iPhone 4 a miss either. The only option is to buy or source one device somehow. You see, I can’t live in peace seeing iPhone 4’s pictures and reviews on these western sites and blogs. I have to get one of my own too.

If I sound delusional to you, Mr Jobs then I may as well be. I’m told that Strand Consult, a research firm, likens iPhone users’ staunch defense of the iPhone to the famous Stockholm syndrome — a term psychologists use to describe how hostages defend the very people who hold them hostage. But the research concludes with, ‘there is no doubt that Apple has some of the most loyal end users on the market and that iPhone users will go out of their way to defend the phone they love and worship.’

Mr Jobs, iPhone users in India have been looking with hope that you will reckon us as your market too. You see, we have been told by every other vendor that we are very important for him or her but you have never ever said the same to us. Wonder why? Are they lying to us or are you simply unmoved about our purchasing power?

Three iPhone models have been launched in the last 2 years — yet you did not come to India to show us your love. Nor did you appoint an India representative with whom we could check the latest news about Apple. Am I not dear to you? Or is my $10 on apps/month not sufficient?

We could have made our peace with iPhone 4 being launched in India at some later date but that bit of announcement is never a part of your agenda. Please don’t be so indifferent to us, we promise we will buy more paid apps for our iPhones. We have millions in our land who are capable to buy an iPhone. We love beautiful objects and iPhone tops the charts.

Look forward to hearing from you and I continue to nurture the hope of witnessing the launch of iPhone 4 in India at an affordable price point.


An ‘Apple’ fan

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14 Responses to “I love you iPhone, so what if that makes me delusional”

  1. minissha Says:

    What are you saying?! But ofcourse, Apple has started its operations in India, albeit with just one undercover employee. Who? The author of this blog, amigo. every second story reads like an Apple advert / press release. Why don’t you just start writing those? Love Apple all you want, but if you’re writing for a daily, stick to a fair and reasonable way of writing, like any journalist should. Save your Apple love for the iForums.

  2. mekin Says:

    please mail this leter. we need to know what;s on apple’s mind when it comes to india market.

  3. A Says:

    I dont understand why Indian journalists write stale reviews of products which get much better international coverage…I would like to read David Pogue or Walt Mossberg on tech gadgets unless the review is for an Indian product/India specific product/ the review comes out earler than the whole world has written about it!

  4. Paul D Says:

    I agree with Apple lovers above. This letter deserves a reply from Steve Jobs. We are all Apple fans in India but have been neglected till date (3 generations of iphone have come and gone, with India no where on Apple’s marketing map)

    HOW, Why?

    Cheers to the author. Please send this letter to Mr Jobs

  5. bhatnaturally Says:

    As an Apple fan and iPhone user, couldn’t agree with you more! I must have spent over a $100 on iPhone apps. But Apple’s lack of enthusiasm is linked with our telecom companies’ reluctance to subsidize the handset and reduce entry barriers. Without 3G the telecom operators have no chance hell of improving revenues through data services on the iPhone.

  6. Induru VR Says:

    Dear Steve,

    Kudos for your efforts and ultimate success in making Apple Company, the Number 1 Technology Company in the world displacing MIcrosoft to Number 2 position on the Stock Exchanges as per

    the news reports appearing in the press recently. I own most of the Apple Products. They are all a class apart and many years ahead of its’ competitors. But i too am disappointed about the

    Apple Company policy on India. Look seriously into this aspect where a giant market is awaiting for the premier products from the Apple company.

    Loves to be in touch with you!

    With regards!

    induru vr

  7. Chirag Says:

    An article which cannot go unread. Mr. Jobs, we expect the next launch of Apple to be in India and we promise to provide you the biggest market for all your innovations.

    The writer of this article deserves a response and we await your revert.


  8. Kanika Says:

    Wish Steve reverts and pay some heed to Indian apple lovers!

  9. Christy Says:

    If India is not imp for Apple, why do u people slave at their feet - i am sure u led normal lives before this co developed these products - so you shud be able to live normal lives if you forsake their products. Teach them a lesson to treat you well !

  10. RamRatan Singhi Says:

    If you read STEVE JOBS bio-graphy, you will know that he had spent about 6 months in the Himalayas.

    And I am sure he loves India as much in his personal life.

    However, when it comes to Business, Let’s face it.

    People in INDIA are not yet spending as much on Apps and besides, the Telcos Pricing of IPHONE puts it out of reach of the millions of potential subscribers.

    Besides, some Innovation is required on part of TELCOs to get people to use more GPRS and Data Services.

    Its basically not the failure of the IPHONE but failure of the innovation at TELCOs. They are too busy getting easy money from low - paying subscribers who do not complaint about poor service quality.

    So, we will have to wait till one of the TELCOs comes up with a UNIQUE FINANCING PLAN, that will make IPHONE a mass phone.

    Then, your wish ( and mine too) of seeing STEVE JOBS launch IPHONE ( Version 10 may be) in INDIA will get fulfilled.

    A MAC FAN.

  11. Yesh Says:

    Got some money??, go and get a new iPhone 4 . Or go and get HTC Evo…. you are definitely delusional to choose a theme like this write about iphone…

  12. Abhishek Says:

    Apple iPhone is great. But Android 2.2 is better! It is a matter of time before the companies come out with equivalent or better products than iPhone. Jobs knows this and is aware of Android’s potential. Further, Maemo Linux is another exciting platform; the way it can be customised to the nth degree. So, it is not the end of the road for those who don’t have iPhone (which includes me)- although I swear by the old (and quite useless) Symbian (a poor man’s smartphone). Frankly, I am waiting for the likes of Google Phone (Nexus One) which would justify a better platform than the all prevalent “Jesus Phone” (:))

  13. aranayani Says:

    Could not have agreed more!
    I am more of an Ipod enthusiast, and haven’t ventured into Iphone as the prices are too much…. I think Apple is waiting more for better networks and 3G launch in India before they give us a second look…Till then….sigh….

  14. Ashish Says:

    A Great Read For Me .
    Mr.Steve Must reply for this one.


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