There’s an answer

November 28th, 2008

It’s no good reiterating what’s been happening in Mumbai. But my mind does visit the past.

Within hours of the London bombings, a renewed call went up for the United States to use its considerable technology heft to prevent similar attacks on the nation’s transit system. Public transit’s chief lobbyist said its members need $6 billion to upgrade security, and US Congress expectedly increased the funding.

Has our security intelligence ever thought about ideas such as smoke-detector-like devices sounding an alarm when a bomb-porting terrorist enters a train station? Or these are years and billions of dollars from fruition — if ever. The best current defenses for the country’s subways, buses, airports and trains, remain decidedly low tech — human vigilance and bomb-sniffing dogs!! Read the rest of this entry »'s an answer digg:There's an answer newsvine:There's an answer reddit:There's an answer Y!:There's an answer