A Holiday

December 2nd, 2012

After many days and perhaps of months of work, often considered stressful, ones body begins to speak and mind too begins to speak up… Give me a break!
When one applies for leave to go on a holiday, its a feeling of bliss. After years of going on the usual holidays, as most of know, I realised that I never felt rested. I actually felt more tired than I started. It was not the case when I didn’t have to take a call when going on a vacation

Now that I had to take decisions and do much of the planning and take quite a few responsibilities, I realise it is more stressful to go on a holiday or a vacation.

I decided to redefine the concept of a holiday. But, for this I have been branded a miser and what not.But, then my carbon footprint would be minimal too.
For me a holiday is just a break from the routine. I hit upon the idea to take a few days off from work. But stayed put in the city. Like any day I would leave home for work. But, the difference? I never went to office.

I had to explore the city where I have spent bout 33 years. It had grown into a uncontrolled monster much of which I did not know what it contained. I may be able to sat how to go from Marble Arch to Piccadilly in London, thanks to the numerous novels and travelogues we come across every now and then which made these places very familiar and part of the vocabulary.

But, most of my city remains a mystery to me.

Armed with a bus pass, I took off, taking the first bus that I came across. And, alighting at the last stop… often places that I didn’t know existed. I felt ashamed of being ignorant of many of these places. Yes, there was a time as a reporter I have had to visit many laces. The expansion of the city over the last decade and the utter lack of proper connectivity between parts of the city meant that most people living in north Bangalore have no idea of what lies in the South or which is the farthest point in south.

I repeated this for six days in succession and realised that perhaps its time people began writing novels and made people familiar with my city the way many of the London-based novelists did.

Perhaps, its time for a political thriller with all the inner workings of the land encroachers and political classes; politicians of all hues have same colour in my city. Its more like Henry Ford’s statement: “You can have any colour as long as it is black.”

Now I am waiting to take my next “holiday”…

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