Curd Rice on Swiss Alps

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September 28th, 2012 Praveen Bose

Many do like to show off what they have and where they have been to. The next door neighbour loves to show off everytime he returns from a holiday abroad.

Ir’s not the Prada or Gucci that he shows off. Nor is it the pictures of the places he has visited you get to see. Instead, it’s what he got to eat though he was away from home that he always seems proud of. “The tour organiser is excellent,” he exclaims.
Given that he is a convert to vegetarianism, anybody would have thought it would have been difficult for him. He believes he will be able to gain more respect from others if “one is a vegetarian, and very religious”.
No matter where he goes, he loves to wear his spiritual beliefs on his sleeves. He took his family to Thailand last year. He brought back tales of how wonderful the temples there are. Also of how he didn’t have to interact with the less civilised who eat everything.
And people thought one becomes more broad-minded when he goes on foreign tours. This neighbour of mine has made a travesty of that belief.

This year, he decided to go beyond Asia. He decided to go West… to a European country.

When on his visit to Thailand, he was fascinated by the curd rice served by the tour operator. Wonder what it would be this time around, I wondered.

He had been to Switzerland. He didn’t have to violate any of his believes even this time around. He didn’t have to interact with the “beef eaters”. He remained true to his beliefs, and the tour operator ensured that. “The curd rice tastes a little different there. But, it was very tasty. Also, I got a nice idol of Ganesha.”

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2 Responses to “Curd Rice on Swiss Alps”

  1. Sanjay Says:

    Nice article…. I agree though… Even I prefer to hunt the Gujarati restaurants in London. When I stay in Alperton, the Ealing Road is Mini Gujarat and further down it a Lovely Chennai Dosa reminds me of those Kamats in Mumbai. Its very natural to visit our restaurants as its close to our culture and we get connected to our motherland. It is true that India runs RAM BHAROSE… Gandhi looting India right left and centre, but Public give them Rs.10 and they are more then ready to sell their destiny. One who stands for truth and for Peoples good, the very people will stone them down like done to Anna Hazare. Then who the hell wanna stand. We call this community ? It is just a population of Billion with no direction and blind vision. Its a Mad House.

  2. S Banerjee Says:

    Enjoyed the article. I am reminded of a colleague talking of his trip to Darjeeling with his friends. A Gujarati, he said “the first things we did was search amongst the cooks for a Gujju.. after that, Darjeeling, khichdi and kadi– what an awesome time we had “..:) :) :) …. Am further reminded of a trip to Goa by my family. Sitting in a small restuarant, the poster on a wall seemed familiar and also incongruous — and then I realised it was a menu of Bengali food written in Bengali!! Were we zapped — Aloo poshto and kolaiyer dal for the Bongs!!!
    And we couldnt stop laughing when we found that the Niagara falls has (or at least had around 2004) on the USA side a full fledged Gujarati thali restaurant!!


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