Perilous Journey

August 21st, 2012

Most of us are very finicky about our food. It can be quite tricky when one is traveling. “Food on the train is not safe or healthy” is something I hear very often when I am having to travel.

The mother also has no trust in the water one gets to buy aboard a train, and the wife has no faith in the food sold on trains or on the railway platform either. It’s not hygienic, is the chief complaint.

It’s always a conflict between my resolve to not carry too much luggage, including food, and the wife’s resolve to carry food and water and other paraphernalia for a meal.
The wife’s resolve only got stronger after an acquaintance and the three companions, on an all-India tour, were sedated on a journey and robbed of all their belongings — not one piece of luggage or a single Rupee was spared. They were helped by policemen in Kerala.

Now I find that the wife is always fasting for a spiritual reason on a day-long train journey.
It’s OK to not buy anything from the train or the platform if you are making an overnight journey. But, what if you need to make a long journey. Or, if due to some reason you run out of food?
I am now planning a journey aboard the Vivek Express, the Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari train that travels 4278 km. For nothing, but just to test our resolves and the Railways.


A colleague had a harrowing experience a while ago, or do I call it “a near death experience”?

He was poisoned at a major railway station. He was in the waiting lounge and had left his water bottle along with the luggage and had gone out for a while. On returning to quench his thirst he drank the water from his water bottle.

He felt the whole room spinning around him and when he woke up it was a Sunday on the platform. He had landed at the station on the previous Friday to catch a connecting train!

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