What’s The Number, Finally

July 23rd, 2012

The Global Investors’ Meet (GIM) 2012 that Karnataka held a while ago was trumpeted as a grand success by the government. While the jury is still out on how much of the promised investments of the Rs 9 trillion or so will actually flow in, the debate is not settled yet on how much of investments have come in from the amount promised during GIM 2010.

The number initially announced by the government in the case of the amount of investments proposed was Rs 3.92 lakh crores. What actually came in can vary depending on who the ministers speak to. If it’s a trade magazine, the ones that are never seen on the news stands but are seen prominently during trade shows and such other events, the amount of investments the government says has come in is 16 per cent which could go upto 32 per cent, ones its all realised!

But, in case they speak to a newspaper or news magazine, the number automatically gets watered down. It has fallen to just 6 per cent!

Hail the government policies, say a few businessmen who have been facing the brunt of the government paralysis. When people talk of policy paralysis at the Centre, and if you couple it with a policy paralysis at the state level one gets the picture.

Who’s responsible? Blame it on the cosmos … the sun and moon and stars… and all the celestial bodies. It’s the advise of the astrologers that often make the leaders in the state act as they do.

Wonder if the numbers being “revealed” to the journalists are actually the ones that the astrologers have advised the ministers to announce.

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