Hey Ry

June 25th, 2012

Ry? Yes, that’s a name, that’s a truncated form of Roy. Ry was not Roy always. He was a plain genteel, normal person till he was in college with a much longer and a very Hindu Indian name. And then came the great revolution. Yep, the IT Revolution, rather the call centre (or is it center in this case?!) revolution.

The call centre was easiest means of getting a job if you could speak English. After some training and his eventual absorption into company, it opened up a whole new world for him.

Call centres went overboard to keep their clients in good humour, giving their executives accents and mannerisms, and even false names. That’s when the boy decided enough was enough, and indeed changed his name officially to ensure he had no double life.

Now came  another dilemma. He was mostly interacting with people who were mostly Christians. After having to go through a few calls of clients who even inquired about his religion, he just decided to convert.

And, lo and behold, he altogether gave up his birth name. And, Roy it was. But, he was not so satisfied. And, a numerologist suggested he give up the ‘o’ in his name to enhance his luck. There, he went from Roy to Ry.

During this process, Ry’s ‘brilliant’ parents gave him all the support. They have been going along with him. They speak English and have also converted. Now their mother tongue is looked down upon even as they go about denying their past.

What’s the future? Perhaps staying in India and pledging their allegiance to the Constitution penned by Thomas Jefferson! All the while not having stepped out of India.

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