May 21st, 2012

The grocery list for a certain month at my house about 5 years from now would probably read something like this: 10 kg rice, 10 kg atta, 5 kg tur dal, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg salt, 2 novels, 1 tin of baby food (branded), 1 pair of baby shoes, 1 pair of baby socks, 1 non-fiction (think of a title on the spot), 1 baby car seat, 2 milk chocolates of 100 g each, 1 t-shirt et al…

Going the new trend in book stores that are trying to survive, I should indeed be able to make my monthly grocery list that will include books, stuff for the two year old, and some clothes too for me. Perhaps it’s only a mater of time when we may be able to buy vegetables too in a book mall.

A new book mall, as they call it, that’s opened has a section dedicated to stuff that is in no way related to books, except for the fact that people use them.

Stationery, toys, gift items are now passe at book stalls. But, a baby store (a section within the book store with all that stuff a baby needs, except baby foods and medicines).

The next time you go to a book mall, don’t be surprised if there are babies wailing, kids running around screaming and screeching. That’s the new-age book store. That’s one way you can ensure that young mothers who are avid readers and who frequent the book stores continue to do so and don’t feel restrained by their babies.

Those who want to continue buying books in peace and quite, there’s or Shop for books from home with a laptop want online. It’s more convenient. At the click of a mouse you have thousands of titles to choose from. Those from earlier generations scoff at this way of buying books. But, it’s the in thing.
The oldies even pooh, pooh this way of buying books, saying how can you buy books without even getting to touch them? But, then that’s the way today people prefer to do it. The traditional brick and mortar book stores are set to change. Yes. into a noisier place that sells more diapers, prams, chocolates and perfumes than books.! digg:Books?! newsvine:Books?! reddit:Books?! Y!:Books?!