The Day

February 13th, 2012

The flower shop next door has been running a countdown to April 14, yes the St. Valentine’s Day. Today, February 13, was ‘Kiss Day’ (i am hearing it for the first time) and yesterday was the ‘Hug Day’!!!

With the interpretation of the heart’s shape of different sizes all over the entrance to the shop, the proprietor is attempting to make the best of the event.

But, here’s the rub. The price of rose is sky high here. After all it’s in the so-called CBD area and one of the costliest areas in the country. But, the landlord has a history of trying to make the best of the ’situations’. He had ensured that a restaurant shut down so that he could get another tenant ready to pay much more. This, when he realised that the restaurant ran well and his demands for much higher rents went unheeded.
If our flower shop man is seen to have done a good job, perhaps his time is also up. The landlord, as many landlords are, is not known to think logically. If the guy has a good business for that one day, he may be asked to share the spoils. Now he can be sure of being asked to pay more.

Perhaps in a few days, I may get to see the announcement of a “I am shutting shop” Day outside the flower shop. That’s the reality of the unorganised retail sector nowadays, mostly. Day digg:The Day newsvine:The Day reddit:The Day Y!:The Day