At the Alma Mater

January 24th, 2012

It was a return to those good old days when I had had the umpteen conversations, some sensible and others not making much sense, with my professor who had been the most encouraging of all the profs in the university, at least as far as I was concerned.

“You write a good paper and I will get it published in a Economics journal,” he had promised me. It was not that I was the best or the brightest, but I was the most well-interested in the discipline in its widest of wide definitions. Being narrowly focussed was not my forte. That ended all prospects of being accepted by any of the professors as their research scholar.

But, the said professor had advised me: “Don’t waste your time here on higher studies. Do something more worthwhile.” I have no regrets as of now though for that sound advise.

The vast university campus, of 2,300 acres, was left unexplored by me. I got a chance to go to a couple of spots I had only heard of during the post-graduation days. Studying all the while? No. Reading books of interest… in the library!! Perhaps that’s what endeared me to professor, who, even after 17 years acknowledge my presence and took time off for me from his truly busy schedule.

What endeared him to me was that he papered over all my shortcomings, while focussing on my strengths. I now understand what I read in many a news report and know what’s happening and why it’s happening. Though it’s taken me a while to connect the theories to the real world happenings.

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