Oh, For The Purr….

December 25th, 2011

It’s been a while since we have heard the purring of the powerful engines of the superbikes of a western bike-maker who is well-known on the racing circuit.

Some of the bike models that have made a name by burning the rubber on many a race-track were being sold like hot cakes when the showroom opened a few months ago though they were priced from Rs 8 lakh to about Rs 30 lakh. The showroom always had no less than half a dozen bike models on display and I would pay my respects to the bikes by giving salivating over them everyday before entering the gate of the building that houses my office.

Alas, perhaps some higher powers were jealous that I was was ogling at the superbikes (but not ride them though). Or, perhaps the higher powers thought I was ogling at the girls. In a couple of the months the number of bikes on display kept falling till there were none. And, one fine day, there came the padlock on the glass door.

Was it the poor sales, or was it something else? We admirers of the bikes spent quite a while trying to figure out the possible reasons for the place being shut down. But, the place not been vacated by them. On checking, I am always assured that it will come up. There’s no stock!
Looks like it has fallen victim to the global slowdown. The stocks will come, I am promised. Sundays were the days when I would come to office and see not than 3 or 4 of these superbikes being taken away by an afficionado.

Now, every Sunday when I come to office I longingly look at the glass facade of the showroom and hope that normal supplies will begin soon. But, given the sovereign debt crises in some parts of the world, I feel I may have to wait for a few more months before I will be able to hear that purring of the engines of the 1999 cc engine that gives me the same pleasure as the purring of that cat who once owned me.

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