Chaos Theory in Practice

September 30th, 2011

It’s Chaos Theory in practice. The demand for Telangana, not so small an event though, has ensured that I lose sleep at night as there’s no power to run the fan and lull me to sleep with its slow irritating whirr. The irritating noise that is now like a lullaby is probably due to the worn-out bearings.

An expert in Chaos Theory will definitely smirk. But, I see it working so beautifully in my case. It’s the demand for Telangana (which is no more than an idea) that taken on such monstrous proportions that all transport and to and from the Telangana region has remained hit

Then how’s my sleep affected? One, I could not be with my brother-in-law when he had to undergo a surgery. Two, the thermal power station at Raichur in Karnataka is not getting a proper supply of coal as the trains with coal has to come through Telangana from the colleries.
Now, some of my friends in Hyderabad with their own business or those working there are very unsure about their future. Alas, not one of them traces their ancestry to Telangana. They are all from other parts of the state. Now, they are all wondering if they should cut down their exposure to business from the region or not.

Whether Telangana region gets the status that the protesters are demanding or not, I am hoping against hope that it will be resolved soon so that I can go to sleep well on time or that my body to get used to a quieter and warmer room!

I probably am considering myself as an all important being. But, give it a thought. When you are very sleepy, is anything in the world more important than your sleep? Theory in Practice digg:Chaos Theory in Practice newsvine:Chaos Theory in Practice reddit:Chaos Theory in Practice Y!:Chaos Theory in Practice