Cheapest LLB

August 21st, 2011

Plain Economics says if supply is more than the demand, then price tends to fall. Fortunately, this law of Economics is catching up with the education system in the country, but at a very slow pace.
With law schools a dime a dozen in some parts of the country, they are facing severe competition in attracting students. It doesn’t seem very different from a vegetable market at times.

Most colleges make no bones of their character. They are not shy of saying how profit-minded they are. A friend, who secured admission to a law college got a first-hand feel of the real world of education when he went to secure admission to a private college.

As he had not taken the admission test conducted by the university, he had to go in for a “paid seat”. On approaching the college and meeting the principal, the treatment he got was that befitting a customer going to a shop. “Customer is king” seems to be the motto of many these colleges.

He was offered a seat by the principal and told: “You don’t worry about anything. We will take care. Now that you are working, you need not worry about attendance. I have to sign on the attendance register. So, don’t worry.”

About the coursework to be done “I will give you a well-written project of one of the students. You can copy it and submit it. And, if you don’t have time to copy that, I will get it done for you.”
While he was leaving, the principal went in for the kill: “We offer the cheapest LLB in the city. Nobody can get you a cheaper one.” LLB digg:Cheapest LLB newsvine:Cheapest LLB reddit:Cheapest LLB Y!:Cheapest LLB