Long Wait…

July 11th, 2011

We Indians are so good at waiting. But, we don’t seem to learn to be patient, including me…

Probably being in a job that sees one having to meet daily deadlines makes one less patient perhaps. That has a cascading effect. It gets into your blood. You expect everyone to work like that.

Imagine when dealing with a government employee who is an expert in lengthening the red tape. Can you get the information from him for your story that has a deadline to meet?

In fact, often we can. That too without being corrupt. But, often your personal equation with the person dictates how soon you manage to get the information that you want.

I have had to call on a distant relative, a retired official. If it was a stranger perhaps I could have been less considerate. But, on account of his being a relative I am worried about stressing him out. I got to be considerate about his age too.

Meanwhile, I sit… patiently… in a ‘Great Indian Wait’. I have been waiting in queues all my life… Thankfully, there’s no queue here… Just my relative’s queue of thoughts.

But, being an old man, the queue must be long.

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