Windies Cricket RIP

June 14th, 2011

I had stopped watching cricket since the match fixing scandals broke out a few years ago. You can’t escape a fleeting glance of it once in a while when you pass by a TV.

There’s no dearth of those who swear by cricket, though they can’t tell if late cut and upper cut can be seen in the same sporting arena.

But then TV channels want only eyeballs, so what if the eyeballs are controlled by a brain that has been left incapable of differentiating the good, bad and the ugly side of the sport.

Perhaps the people living in the West Indies have decided to keep cricket off their minds. I chanced to get a glance of a one-day match being played, at 11 pm. It’s got to be the Carribeans. Yes, it indeed was. But I was put into doubt. There were advertisements in Hindi in the ground.

I was too proud to ask where the match was going on. Only a few days ago did a never-ending domestic series of cricket end. With those matches going on up to midnight (I think!), I took it for granted that this match too was happening here. Where else would anyone notice a Hindi ad?

I could not make out why the stands were all empty. Then I realised it must be a stadium in the Carribeans. The stadium was small wiih very low seating capacity.

Perhaps the Hindi ads in the stadium stood testimony to how the Indians have conquered cricket. And, perhaps how the West Indians have given up cricket. After all, barely a few miles off their coast they have a very lucrative sport, which is faster and less time consuming one than cricket — basketball. No more Viv Richards and Malcolm Marshal.

Now what? Just as we have redefined Democracy… it’s time we redefined cricket, Indianised it. After all, it’s now an Indian sport. Cricket RIP digg:Windies Cricket RIP newsvine:Windies Cricket RIP reddit:Windies Cricket RIP Y!:Windies Cricket RIP