For My Eyes Only

April 12th, 2011

Wearing contact lens is no big deal for me. I have been doing so for about 17 years. I, though, took two weeks to master the art of removing the lens, the semi-soft type.

Though I have been wearing it for all these years, I am not comfotable with them thanks to some peculiar conditions that I have. The naive say, its because I wear the semi-soft type. “The soft lens are much more comfortable.”

I listen, and nod… “Yes. I have been a fool not to have gone in for the softer ones.”

In reality, it was a choice between seeing or not… not the soft vs. semi-soft debate.

Now, a firm has acquired the company that manufactures the lens I wear. Their product was considered very good.

The product of the lens maker was so good, it was acquired by a company for a good price and they just jacked up the price. They seem to have figured out that the demand for contact lens is inelastic.

No matter what the price, people will anyway buy them. 

The Rs 1,800 a pair of lens (2010 prices) now costs Rs 5,100 a pair. What happened? The raw material costs have shot up, alright. Yes, input copst inflation.

But, its more a case of goodwill pricing coming into play, which was not realised by the erstwhile owners of the lens manufacturing firm.

Now, when a lens wearer can afford a Rs 5,100 a pair… the optometrist can always push a little more and get me more comfortable pair… an imported pair of lens. A patented technology has been brought in by a Western firm. It’s specifically meant for my peculiar condition. But, the catch! It costs Rs 9,100 per piece of lens. That’s compared to what I wear which is Rs 1,800 a pair.

Now, it seems, people are just switching to the soft lens. Hopefully the previous owners will have the last lauch. My Eyes Only digg:For My Eyes Only newsvine:For My Eyes Only reddit:For My Eyes Only Y!:For My Eyes Only