The magnificent men and their flying machines

February 6th, 2011

Notice the “magnificent men” is all small. Yes, that’s the fate of the aviators (rather, pilots) of today. That’s unlike the yesteryears when aviators were more famous than their flying machines. Today, at least for the common man, the machines are larger than the pilots.
It’s again time for Aero India. There will be all those fantastic machines doing most unbelievable of acts many of which seem to defy nature, like the ‘cobra’ by the Sukhois. But, who the pilot is perhaps will be forgotten within minutes of the act, while the act will remain etched in the minds of the hundreds who will be there to watch the acts.

As machines get more sophisticated, they seem to stand out on their own, perhaps having an identity of their own. With the end of dog fights as in the wars of yesteryears, you may no longer have new war heroes who are pilots.

So, Howard Hughes, Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart and many others have a place of their own. They will never be overshadowed by any of today’s pilots… whose machines (even civilian) are too sophisticated to let the pilots overshadow them.

Today’s heroes are like Steve Fosset who flew around the world in a hot air balloon and Jacques Piccard who reached the stratosphere in a balloon.

As an Indian I better be satisfied with the test pilots who fly the machines developed by Indian scientists. Test pilots are perhaps the bravest lot you see today. After the experience  of the aircraft Indians have been trying to build on their own, perhaps our pilots are the bravest of the lot today.

I shall be watching the bravest pilots the Magnificent Men flying their machines. magnificent men and their flying machines digg:The magnificent men and their flying machines newsvine:The magnificent men and their flying machines reddit:The magnificent men and their flying machines Y!:The magnificent men and their flying machines