A promotion? Or, a demotion?

November 21st, 2010

Everyone felt a great sense of loss when the boss had retired. When we were at a loss to understand something… absolutely anything… and were too lazy to look up… well.. on Google, our reference material(!) we only had to turn to him.

No matter how busy he was he would not hesitate to put his head up and clear our doubts or give us a backgrounder on a subject on which we need some information.

Alas, we had to learn to use the Internet as our refence material once he retired. But, the Internet is not always trustworthy and the communication is one way! So, even now we ensure we turn to him to clear many a doubt.  

Lately, we had a brainwave. Why not get his opinion as a subject expert on a subject in which he is extremely strong (there are too many of them though)? That could be incorporated into an article we would be writing. Wow!

Is that a way to show how much we miss him and how much we yearn to have discussions with him? Perhaps, it is so.

Reminds one of college days when some favourite teachers, who are well-informed and interesting and friendly, had students following them out of the class even after class.

After speaking to many an analyst over the past decade or so, one is left wondering if my ex-boss is being demoted by being called an analyst.

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Obama is Coming, Obama is Coming…

November 1st, 2010

Obama is coming. Everybody’s jumping… From New Delhi to Bangalore.

But, would the Nobel Peace Prize winner be coming to promote peace in the region? Obama is coming to sell the ultimate boy’s toys. It’s the election year, and Democrats are set for a beating, thanks to the economy that is struggling even now. Now, we got sere what he will scare us about.
The number of jobs created in the US, in their thousands, will help add a few thousand jobs to the struggling US economy. If he manages to strike a deal, he would be able to hold the Republicans at bay even when they may be in control over the Senate and House of Reps.
Perhaps he would be offering concessions and enticing us with a few low hanging fruits in return for helping create jobs in the US. The restriction placed on outsourcing may be loosened a wee bit to entice Indians into signing on the dotted line for buying the war machines for billions. A few 1,000 Indians may be allowed to work in the US on H1B visas.
Remember when Bill Clinton came calling and all over were falling over each other to catch a glimpse of the then US President. Perhaps we will see another spectacle.
Having won the Nobel Peace Prize, he might perhaps like to ensure that his reputation as a ‘peaceful man’ stays intact. So, we may get the aircraft whose weapons cannot be fired by war-mongerers (like us). But, only under the orders of the White House, perhaps. So, if the US President is asleep… we wait for him to wake up so that we could get his orders to allow us to fire the weapon when the need might arise.
The $10 billion at stake on the combat aircraft could do some good to the $12 trillion economy by creating a few jobs.

Perhaps our political class will consider bending over backwards to help the rich country with a poverty rate of over 14%. Hope they have been doing the Ushtrasana to help develop a flexible-enough back.

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