Keeping Track

October 6th, 2010

The job the political news reporter can be quite unenviable. It’s especially so ar a time when the political situation is very fluid.

There are often a dozen voices and over two dozen opinions from ‘leaders’ of all hues and sitting legislators. Karnataka’s political situation was very challenging indeed for political reporters. All reporters were groping for the latest.

What is the latest for one, often ends up being a stale news for someone else. As a fellow journalist quipped: “I don’t have time even answer the call of nature. don’t know when the government would fall or who would issue a political statement.”

Unlike most planned events, a political uncertainly and political developments often is not something one can plan for. A report6er would be at sea if he tried working on his own, using his brains alone without being in touch with others who could be their chief rivals even.

When a section of legistors raised the banner of revolt, it became a challenge to figure out who was the kingpin in the first place. With all legislators being gagged, no one seemed to know wht was happening. All were left guessing as to what would be the greatest possibility.

One minute the chief ministry said all was well, and then another minute you heard a section people threatening to pull down the government and even submitting a memorandum to the governor threatening to withdraw support.

So, you are left wondering if the chief minister is as much at sea as us while trying to guess if his seat is safe. I am sure while being seated on his chair, he would be time and again checking to see if all four legs of the chair are intact.

One emissary who was sent by the chief minister to mollify the revolting legislators ended up sending his resignation after meeting the revolting leaders. Why? What? How? Which? All these queries began to rise and so did the blood pressure of colleagues who are always scared they are missing out on something.

As we leave for home, the political developments follow us home. We are left wondering if we can say who has switched loyalties and where he has gone and who is quitting. ‘Aaya ram, gaya ram’. Ram, ram!

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