Dude, You Missed It

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January 18th, 2010 Praveen Bose

The day of the solar eclipse was a dream I would like to relive many times more, and more frequently. Being able to walk on the road on a weekday in the morning peak hour without much worry about the traffic on the road or the noise from vehicle horns.

I wished such days came much more frequently. It will force all the pseudo-civilised motorists indoors for the pseudo-rationalists to enjoy some of the modern day luxuries, such as driving without having to negotiate noisy traffic. A pseudo-rationalist that I am, I decided to enjoy the less potent sunlight.

The shadows it created were just out of the world. Alas, I could not enjoy ‘my day out’. There were no shops or any eateries open. Everyone seemed to be under the influence of grandmother’s tales. No one wanted to take on grandmothers’ wisdom.

The venerable TV channels that people swear by only helped induce more fear into the hearts and minds of the citizenry with their “balanced” reporting which seemed to tilt the balance in favour of those who swear by grandmothers’ tales.
While some people advised to avoid cooking, eating and drinking during eclipse period. The myth behind this is some bad rays enter earth during eclipse and it could be harmful.

There are strict warnings for pregnant women. They are refrained from any stitch work and other household works. It is believed that it can lead to deformities in the foetus.

The astrologists advised people to chant regional rhymes to reduce its effect. They also advised Ganga Snan (Ganga bath) when eclipse is over (Perhaps, teleportation would have been the only solution).

As the annual solar eclipse falls on the second holy bath of Maha Kumbha Mela, people thronged to Haridwar to take holy dip after the eclipse.

But, the scientists were given some news space by the channels who sear by Gods and Godmen most of the time. But, people always find the words of scientists less credible.

While everyone concentrated on how the sun looked when partly covered by the moon, I wonder how many observed their shadow and how different it looked.

I hope all my science teachers will be proud of me. But, then… a science teacher of mine I met a day later looked out of sorts. She said, “I am yet to recover from my fast during the eclipse”.

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4 Responses to “Dude, You Missed It”

  1. jini Says:

    Nice post…Even simple post like yours could leave a lasting impression on the minds of the readers.

  2. Karan A Says:

    Nice post… Simple yet effective writing… I enjoyed reading!

  3. Archana Says:

    haha..am sure ur science teacher will be proud…ur local religious leader may not be thrilled about ur conversion to ‘psuedo-rationalism’ though ;)

  4. Babita Says:

    I really enjoyed this piece of writing…. I also experienced the joy of eating at a much less crowded office canteen that day..


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