A Nobel Rendezvous

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January 6th, 2010 Praveen Bose

Having collected enough details (as I believed) on the Nobel laureate, I was sure I was nearly prepared to listen to and , if lucky, perhaps ask a couple of queries as a journalist of course.
I set out with all the gadgetry that you find journalists nowadays use, to catch every word being spit out by a speaker. Here I was near the venue. Whoa! It seemed like I was outside a stadium in a queue waiting to enter for watching the Rolling Stones. I have had this habit of counting the number of people in front of me while waiting in a queue, which helps me roughly calculate how long it would be before I would be in.
I tried again and again and I seemed to lose track of the number of people in front of me, about half way through. With the security being tight, there were some men in khaki mostly with lathis. We Indians being fatalists, that may be all the security that was required. After I had passed through the metal detector, which I believe worked (many of those I see nowadays at many places are generally switched off, though you may be asked to walk through that), I was in, yes, IN. But, only in the complex which houses the auditorium which was a few metres away. By then the lecture had begun.
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his pioneering work on ribosome, a cellular machine that makes proteins, was speaking and all I could make out was some garbled echo from outside the auditorium. The sound boxes placed at many locations in the auditorium complex were no more than useless. A person, who I believe was a professor, was heard muttering: “Can’t they not at least ensure that he can be heard? Why else should they invite him here?”
Dr Ramakrishnan, the physicist, had won the award “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome”. My endeavour to gain more knowledge on ribosomes from an expert fell through, thanks to the huge crowds that seemed to give a rock star-like reception. I tried to hang on to as many words as possible of Dr Ramakrishnan being spit out by the sound boxes. But, alas I had to give up.

My endeavour to gain some ‘knowledge’ on ribosomes ended there. But, I had to be content with the knowledge that there are enough number of people working on making human lives better with trying to understand functions of human body.
The crowds were almost all made of research scholars and scientists.

I was out just as ignorant of ribosomes as I was when I walked in through the metal detector.

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