Check Stars of Firms Too…

December 7th, 2009

What could be the criteria that might apply for your selection in a company? It could perhaps be your professional excellence, or your academic excellence or whatever else the company may consider as the abilities required for you to carry out your job well.

Think again. Some of the companies may be rejecting the applications for various other reasons. Perhaps your stars could influence your chances in making it to a job of your choice. The date of birth in your CV gives away too much about you and your possible success in an interview it seems.

A firm, I believe, tracks the time you walk in for the interview. In addition to that it will also check your date of birth and “compare and contrast” it with the firm’s stars, and I wonder perhaps if with the horoscope of the company too. That would save you the trouble of attending an interview where you may not be selected at all.

A firm that I know of forwards a copy of the CV of a prospective candidate to its ‘official’ astrologer  and of course with the additional information of the time that the CV came in. Now, it is not the senior officials of the company who can decide on selecting a candidate. Till the astrologer gives his nod, no one in the company will even dare to act on an application to a job vacancy in the company.

I know of just this one company. I am sure there are many other companies that may be doing this ‘in thing’. But, I am yet to come across any concrete evidence of such incidents.
So, when you check the background of a company while applying for a job, see if you can get the horoscope of the company or its founder. That should help you assess your chances of making it. Stars of Firms Too... digg:Check Stars of Firms Too... newsvine:Check Stars of Firms Too... reddit:Check Stars of Firms Too... Y!:Check Stars of Firms Too...

Spiritual Environmentalist

December 6th, 2009

Listening to a man or a woman in ochre robes has often seemed to me the favourite pastime. If you put in a man in flowing beard, the better.

They hold forth on subjects as varied as environment, science, astronomy, physics, and of course the favourite, Philosophy. I had to to be present at a ’satsang’ of one such person who all referred to as ‘Swamiji’. I was fascinated by how riveted people were to their chairs though he seems to be reeling out one science fact another, I am sure, he picked up from the daily newspapers (hail journalists!).

He was particularly interested in discussing, or rather speaking, about the Copenhagen summit that is just round the corner. More fascinating is that the audience turned to him to get their facts right and to check if global warming was all true in the first place. His advice: “Please follow the run-up to the Copenhagen summit more keenly. Read up more.”

More fascinating was that the listeners believed that he was more informed and was capable of finding or suggesting solutions to the ills dogging the planet.

Climate change is the in subject, he said, so we shall “discuss more of that”. So, go veggie, as people in the West with their non-vegetarian diet are destroying the world. “Do you know how much of resources you require to produce just 1 kg of red meat?” He seemed particularly interested in fighting red meat eaters. He seemed OK with those who ate other types of non-vegetarian food.

He seemed more keen on putting the West on the mat.

Wish he had advised the well-heeled listeners who had come in their flashy fuel-guzzling cars, to junk them for fuel-sippers or to take to public transport. Alas! That was not to be. He would then probably have fewer people people coming to listen to him. Environmentalist digg:Spiritual Environmentalist newsvine:Spiritual Environmentalist reddit:Spiritual Environmentalist Y!:Spiritual Environmentalist