Wake up India, before it’s too late

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April 21st, 2011 Nayanima Basu

Give crores to cricketers, let several Arunimas suffer … So what?

Indians have long been blamed for being complacent about every act of malpractice and corruption that is so rampant in this country. A wise man once told me Indians are like fishes and corruption is like water. Just as a fish cannot avoid water, Indians cannot avoid corruption. Agreed! But the tragedy today is that most Indians have become utterly shameless while certain sections, especially the youth, believe in half truths and feel they know everything, equipped as they are with a few mindless social networking sites.

I, like most other fellow citizens of my country, also cheered when India won the World Cup and I agree they played well. But wait a second. Is this not what players are supposed to do? Players played a game, I repeat, A GAME well. Fine. Cheer for them! Encourage them! Pat them on their backs! But how dare we offer pots of money, bungalows, free airlines and railway passes to them who are already filthy rich and live an opulent lifestyle.

On other hand, when national-level volleyball player Arunima Sinha is thrown out of a running train by robbers and loses her leg, the government finds it has suddenly run out of cash. While the High Court has ordered the UP Government and the Railways to pay a mere Rs 5 lakh each to Arunima, there was little else in consolation from our so-called political leaders and other organisations. So a total Rs 10 lakh for Arunima compared with Rs 5 crore, Rs 10 crore and villas to Dhoni, Sehwag, Kohli and the likes.

And why only Arunima? This is a country which ranks 67th in global hunger index, in which 37 per cent of the population still lives below the poverty line and which is home to world’s most underweight children. What are we doing? Where are we going as a country? This is a country where millions still go to bed half fed. How dare we offer crores to cricketers or shamelessly show them being auctioned on prime TV channels, while slotting a programme on poor farmers only on DD National, which hardly anyone watches.

Last week millions thronged to support Gandhian Anna Hazare who was surrounded by people who do nothing for the society. The same rush of support could be seen in social networking sites as well. But these same people are never seen when a six-year-old gets killed by his employer or a woman gets raped and killed by some stranger? How many of us do not offer bribes to agents, clerks to get our passports, driver’s license, tickets made? Can we stop all that forever?

It is easy to preach but we should truly wake up in terms of being a true human and practice it…

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10 Responses to “Wake up India, before it’s too late”

  1. Yogesh Says:

    Clever politicians have decoded the way to rule over Indians - do what pleases the majority and be a hero and rest can rote. They give crores to cricketers because they know Indians are crazy about cricket and showing their support for cricket by giving tax payers money or by PM leaving his work and going to Mohali where IAF will look for security is the key to be a hero in eyes of millions of people. No wonder successive governments have been fooling people of superpower India which pleases millions of middle class Indians who prefer to live in ignorance of how politicians are exploiting the country.

  2. Anurag Says:

    The situation in the country is pathetic and in that sense I think the ideology of left is perfectly suitable for a country like ours. But , they also have done nothing practically other criminalising politics.
    There should be a blanket ban on money squandered like that in cricket and where associations are already rich.

  3. Sridhar Says:

    Also, why was ICC given a tax break of some two/three digit figure in crores, I am wondering. They made a business of over 1000 crores and they cannot afford to pay the statutory tax ? Then every citizen of this country suffering from high inflation and fuel cost is also unable to pay tax. Can we escape ? All who can escape tax are using the option and poor souls whose salary has to come from a business / organization are squeezed to the maximum…. Pathetic state of affairs… Same in 2G scam. All small/medium size fishes are struggling who were the tools used by big powers. These big powers viz Sonia, Karunanidhi, Anil Ambani, Ratan Tata and other big fishes are escaping the law. Why is justice different for different people for same crime ?

  4. Modernmanager Says:

    Nayanima Basu - you have hit the nail on the head. While I am pleased with the Anna Hazare movement and I appriciate what is being done - I am totally against the idea that 1 person will make the government pass a bill which will totally eradicate corruption. Corruption and the corrupt will stay alive as long as we keep acting ‘corrupt’ . As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi - Be the change you want to see in the world. Unless and untill you / me the common man of India does not stop paying bribe things will continue to worsen…While it is lovely to offer symbolic and superficial support to the Lokpal movement - to ensure a huge success in the ultimate goal of eradicating corruption - we the people need to act - the mere passing of a legislation will definetely not guarantee a corruption free government.

  5. girish shah Says:


  6. Subodh Says:

    Dear Nayanima,

    Please write more of these articles to wake up our fellow brothers and sisters and
    keep it up.



    The article contains superb word like paying Rs 5 to Rs 10 Cr ores to star cricket players by the Corporates ,Govt and where as the national volley ball women player who was thrown out of the running train by the robbers and she lost a leg was paid just 5 lacs by the Govt. That is the state of affairs in our nation. Article is really wake up call for the Indians. Hats off to Nayanima Basu

  8. Kumud Says:

    I completely agree with you…but how these things can be stopped…

  9. Arvind Saraogi Says:

    I agree with Nayanima.

    Look at our defence forces. what happens to their widows? How much pension do they get when they retire form the armed forces? How much compensation do they get when they are wounded. It is pathetic. The government suddenly does not have money.

    It is time the government wakes up

  10. Pritash Says:

    please mention your contribution towards Indian society, what have you done to help Arunima???


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