Not just a click away

August 25th, 2010

Online job search can be tricky. And it’s not as easy as just a click away. While the simple step beings with knowing what opportunity you are looking for, often it takes a set of consecutive efforts. And when you are a fresher, it becomes a little more challenging.

Harveen Singh Bedi, senior vice president and business head Quadrangle and Naukri Resume Serivces says that for one fresher job approximately 300 applications are received and companies usually respond only to the shortlisted applicants.

And here’s an important tip that Bedi gives that as a fresher you need to keep applying to all the relevant jobs. Also apply to only the jobs where you fit.

For example, if 60 oer cent are cut off marks and you have 59 per cent, then the chances are that your CV will be dropped electronically.

For freshers beginning their journey into the corporate world, it is important not to be a regular run of the mill product. Hence, to being with you should have clarity of career aspirations. Knowing your strengths will help in creating the resume accordingly.  A well written resume that highlights your competencies is the way to go.

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director (India/ Middle East/ South East Asia), says that getting noticed is the biggest challenge that a fresher faces.
Modi suggests that jobseekers can take the help of services provided by online players that help them stand out of the clutter. Special resume services help to reach out to the leading placement consultants across India. Certain services provided by job portals help job seekers market their strengths, potential and accomplishments.

Indeed, such services make the resume stand out in employer search result with special showcasing making it more likely to be viewed.


One of the basic mistakes a fresher makes while uploading the resume online is not giving due importance to key words. Bedi recommends that one must go through the list of keywords mentioned in the Job Description and make sure they are incorporated in your CV.

The key to getting best results all agree lies in uploading CV, and then filling in all details with utmost care for getting relevant job alerts. just a click away digg:Not just a click away newsvine:Not just a click away reddit:Not just a click away Y!:Not just a click away

Formal Twist

August 12th, 2010

Attending a formal corporate gathering last week got me thinking about the corporate dress code for men nowadays. In the gathering were some who subscribed to the traditional dress code. A select few were those, who pretty much had the essence of a mixologist in the way they blended formal attire with a little peppiness. The entire combination was very much formal, but characterised high spirits and pertness.

The environment at that conference looked like a Thank-God-It’s-Friday Conference, though in a demure way. This made me immediately reach out to a friend of mine who I think is a savvy dresser. I needed some perspective.

Corporate dressing for men has got a twist. Concocted by the new breed of young managers, formal dressing in office is no more restricted to the traditional black and whites. The colours are now flowing in, interspersed with red, aqua blue and peach.

Plain choices are no more the pattern. Pink and purple are, my fashionista friend declared. He added that one need not be brash. But, if you are carrying something offbeat, a little incorrect, but carrying it with arrogance and certainty, you can get away with it and nobody will think you are out of place. At least, people around you start to think that you are original and not dated.

As far as shoes are concerned, other than wing tips, slip-ons and oxfords, boat shoes are also making their way into the formal dress code world for men. In this, the most versatile colour for office wear still being black.

My friend adds that the basics of white shirt teamed with black pant remaining the same, it’s acceptable for men to experiment with colours.

Though, I still doubt how far he may be true.

For, dress codes are also dependent on the industry and particular office culture.

Ask the youngsters, and they say - so what if it’s office and corporate, you must exude as if you are having a real whirl enjoying your work everyday. And they way you dress gives that impression.

The author is Director, IILM - Business School, Mathura Road, New Delhi Twist digg:Formal Twist newsvine:Formal Twist reddit:Formal Twist Y!:Formal Twist