Wedding blues

July 7th, 2010

Of all seasons, I dread weddings season the most. Even Mumbai rains are welcome for they don’t bring along embarrassing family friends and their oh-so-eligible bachelors!!

In the past five months, I have already attended three weddings with two more to go. Thankfully, one was of a dear friend where i enjoyed being myself.

But the family weddings in the offing are giving me sleepless nights. I have thought of all possible excuses to avoid them but none is working so far.

My cousins are trying to dangle the bait by offering me incentives to attend their own weddings and I wonder if its another trap to make me meet one of their dad’s friend’s eligible son(s)!!

While I as much enjoy the company of my cousins, I wonder why all of them are in such a hurry to get married (I am elder to them). I keep reminding them of the recession, but to no heed.

At weddings in Mumbai, I generally avoid accompanying my parents. I purposely delay reaching the venue so that half the guests leave. For the rest, most do not recognize me as their daughter.

But at a recent wedding, my dad’s friend whom I was chatting up with, proudly told my dad, “Pathakji, I have got my three daughters married in the past one year. Do come to me later, we shall discuss how to go about your daughter!” Wonder if my dad took that invitation seriously…

Things reach a boiling point when your family friends flaunt their partners at such occasions. While lines like: “Oh gosh! You are not married yet? You should, nothing like it,” are common, this one is worth remembering– “Hurry up girl, guys won’t wait for you,” a so-called friend remarked. “Neither am I waiting for them, lady,” I replied. She wrote it off as my arrogance and we carefully avoid each other a social functions now!

The funniest thing at north-Indian weddings is that the entire baraat is off to sleep after a feast, including the bride and the groom except for the priest who is awake all night chanting mantras! Considering the shaadi goes on till the wee hours (you can actually fulfill your dream of seeing the sunrise!), all my married cousins have depended on the video-recordings to see how they got married!!

So while avoiding my cousin’s wedding is going to be an almost impossible task, I have figured a way out: to attend their engagements :-) blues digg:Wedding blues newsvine:Wedding blues reddit:Wedding blues Y!:Wedding blues