Not for profit?

May 3rd, 2010

Profit is one word that the education industry does not like to utter. They prefer calling it surplus.

So when I recently spoke to the director of a B-school and by mistake asked him the “profit” his institute has made in the past decade (the B-school recently bought an entire building as hostel for its students and has been planning to expand),  the gentleman corrected me saying, “There is a strong need in the market place for good learning and we are providing just that. Its not about revenues. Its about service to the nation.”


At this, I could not help but think of a professor who once told me how, when an inspection team went to the campus of a medical college some time ago, it was a Munna Bhai MBBS-like experience for them.

A building was turned into a hospital and the residents, patients (as it happens in the film). The inspection team apparently was very happy with the way the college had its “infrastructure” in place.

But the college’s bad luck that in course of discussion, one of the team members forgot his mobile phone in the Dean’s cabin and left the venue.

When he realised this a few hours later and reached the spot to pick up his phone, there was no hospital or any infrastructure for a medical college, in place. Needless to say what happened to the college.

I asked that professor what happened to the “surplus” that the so called medical college earned while it was given the certification to begin operations. No answer to that yet. for profit? digg:Not for profit? newsvine:Not for profit? reddit:Not for profit? Y!:Not for profit?