Part of the furniture!

February 15th, 2010

“Oh my god, your still with BS? It’s high time you moved on,” voiced a former colleague and a good friend when I bumped into her recently.

She was quick to add, “Girl, don’t be part of the furniture. Look at growth now.”

Our lady left BS two years ago for another business newspaper. In six months she jumped to a business magazine where she had another nine-month stint before moving on to another magazine.

Part of the furniture, eh?…. this is something I ponder up on every time the ‘Are you  still with BS?’ question is tossed at me. It alarms people when I confirm to them that it’s been almost four years now and yes, I am “still” with BS.

As hiring picks up and my fellow colleagues update their CVs, one of my former senior colleagues offered me a position at her publication which I politely declined.

Certainly, it didn’t go down well with her. “People are ready to give their right arm to join this paper. Think it over, you are declining a growth opportunity,” she fumed.
And I wondered– Is switching jobs the only way to grow or is that how people define growth?

A few days ago, I had a chat with a professor from Harvard Business School. He told me that these days, he is advising senior managers at organizations to connect with youngsters as he does not see that happening.

“…And then the seniors say the youngsters are lazy, want easy money and less work,” he added.

The professor told me that he found a problem with the mentoring of  youngsters.

He gave me an example where when he asked some senior managers to list some of their mentors, their list had three-four names.

When a similar exercise was given to youngsters, there were hardly one or two names.

I could not agree less with him. One of the reasons l left my earlier organization  was that I was not learning anything. Mentoring was completely absent.

I know of journalists who have quit organizations only because of bad bosses (including me). Some who had not-so-bad bosses have given even good a 8-10 years of their careers only to one organization in the bargain to learn.

I guess most of us who jump organizations are just looking at good mentoring. Terming it growth, by mistake.

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