I Know your editor!!

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December 22nd, 2009 Kalpana Pathak

I always knew my bosses are famous (as many bosses are) but it’s only of late that I get a taste of their popularity.

Recently, I had to call up an IIM director to confirm an event on his campus. Considering the story was negative, the director was obviously hesitant to talk.

When I called him he said, “You know young lady, I have worked with Business Standard for five years and I know your editor very well.”

“Oh! That’s nice to know, sir. So what do you have to say to the development at your institute?” I asked.

“You know your editor is a very nice man and I have great regards for him. I have known him personally for sometime now,” he replied.

As usual, I am trying hard to be polite . “Am sure he is a nice man, sir. But if you could help me with your version to the story, I would be grateful. I have a deadline to meet,” I replied.

The director loses his cool, blasts me and hangs up. I call up the dean and confirm the story.

Few months ago at a conference in Mumbai, I sneaked out and walked up to a minister who was enjoying a tea break. I asked him a question which, according to him, like all other questions, was controversial. He refused to answer it.

When I turned the question around and pestered him for a comment, still (as we reporters always do), he said, “You are from Business Standard, you said?”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded. “You know, your editor is a good friend of mine. I had dinner with him last week,” he said.

“Errrrrr…am sure he is your good friend, sir. But…,” before I could complete, his secretary intervened (perfect timing)… “Madam ji, sir aap ko bol rahe hain yeh controversial issue hai…aap media wale bhi!” Needless to say what happened to the story!!

But that’s not all. When we recently did a piece on the IIMs one of the directors was upset about it.

After reading the piece, he called me up and blasted me thinking I wrote it (he said half the reporters on this beat don’t even know the basics L).

Before I could apologize for the mistake, he snapped, “I know your editor very well and I shall take this up with him.”

“Errrr…not again,” I mumbled and apologized to him.

I tried and steered the conversation to another topic, a story I am working on. Though angry, the gentleman asked me to call up later to discuss the same.

…And I thought to myself, what fun it would be if I could do similar name dropping and get some breaking stories!!

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8 Responses to “I Know your editor!!”

  1. sunder iyer Says:

    nice read…but i know more of ‘infamous’ editors who are ‘famous’….hehehe….

  2. koshy Says:

    In my previous response, what I meant to say was that my (former) editor wouldn’t ‘blast’ her subordinates if their stand was justified. In fact Madam would even openly support them if required. Kindly read her ‘Expense Account’ column in Mint dated 15th December 2009 about the Osian Art Fund and her wholehearted support for her reporter to better appreciate what I have stated. I couldn’t help but elaborate on her exit since she wouln’t act according to the whims of any big institutions (notably a public sector insurance behemoth).

  3. True Man Says:

    I don’t understand why this reporter and many others like her especially on TV think a minister is obliged to answer all questions on all times.

  4. Babita Says:

    Ha Ha … Aren’t you giving ideas to some more people who want to hide the real story !!

  5. Archana Says:

    haha…”I know ur editor very well” is meant to be a warning to reporters writing anything negative. Translated, it means “If you say anything bad about me or my institute, I will make sure u get blasted by ur editor”. Still, gives a damn. Long live negative stories! ;-)

  6. koshy Says:

    I don’t know about other editors but my (former) editor is a great lady inspiring confidence and commanding respect from her subordinates. In January this year (the Ides of March had not yet arrived), she was backstabbed and it must have been heart breaking to leave a magazine that was in fact her brainchild. But she was able to make an exit with her head held high. Business Standard had coverage of that burning issue. She is now the Consulting Editor of a leading business daily in addition to occupying a couple of other respectable positions. After all, class is permanent and her detractors now have mud on their faces.

  7. shivani Says:

    Gud one. Seems u are getting regular.

  8. Rajul Pratap Says:

    Hi , First time am reading ur articles,these really sounds great in reading and hush in imagining, gud work, keep it up, all d very best, and one more thing” I really dont know ur ‘famous’ editor ” [:)]


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