The Charge of the Slap Brigade

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November 26th, 2011 Jyoti Mukul

How many times have you decided to hit somebody? Let’s confess, howsoever cool, calm, nonviolent and amiable you maybe—a tight slap is something that you may have wanted to give someone some time in your life. And here, I am not talking about the occasional spanking that parents resort to. After all, that’s something even if you may not have done to your children, your parents would have done it to you.

A tight slap is something that is flying all over these days, it seems. If it was a shoe for the home minister some time back, it a slap for the agriculture minister this time. If that is not enough, we have had instances of people hitting accused in court premises. So, is it that we are having a slap brigade that is hitting out frequently at someone or the other all the time? Perhaps, the slap brigade is doing this because it feels very strongly about something. Losing their balance, they just want to create an impact, both literally on the one who is slapped, and figuratively on those who wanted to do exactly the same but did not dare do it. And then, there is an unwanted pouring of comments and observations judging the act which in itself may not have been a product of well thought of action.

Who are these people who dare to slap—are they of unsound mind or are they some kind of conscious citizens? Maybe a mix of both, or maybe just attention seekers who fly off the handle on smallest pretext. Yet, such acts may not mean anything much except a moment of embarrassment for the one who is on the receiving end or a good visual for television channels who want to flash it over and over again.

There are also those who proclaim to be Gandhian but like to read the Gandhian philosophy upside down. Gandhi told us to offer your other cheek when hit by somebody but Anna Hazare wants another slap to follow. If it’s case of a misplaced Gandhism in the case of Hazare, there is certainly also a case for keeping the charged slap brigade in a check by having leaders who are taller than their seats of power.

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3 Responses to “The Charge of the Slap Brigade”

  1. babu Says:

    very intresting

  2. Singh Says:

    Anna never asked he be proclaimed Mahatma or Gandhi, it is a media stunt. He likes fighting corrupt people that is his calling. He is very strict and does not hesitate to say, severe punishment should be given in certain cases of wong doing. People are following him because they are fed up of corruption, which is his focus. They are not looking for a Gandhi in him.

  3. HUMA Says:

    I agree with You Jyoti. What bothers me more is the way the same is played/replayed on the TV channels. And to top it all we have panel discussions as well. So, this would then mean that when slap XYZ, we are sure to get TV coverage.

    Secondly, is Anna Hazare a true Gandhian, or have the TV channels TRIED to make him one. Simply by TRYING to walk flanked by ppl one becomes Gandhijee???

    Please continue giving insights and your thoughts on events.


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