‘The people of India’ – a much-abused term

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January 8th, 2011 Joydeep Ghosh

The term – ‘The people of India’ – seems to have caught the fancy of everyone. Yesterday, while panning the CAG report’s estimates on the financial loss to exchequer in the telecom scam, minister Kapil Sibal kept on saying ‘the people of India’ have to know the real numbers.

BJP’s Ravishankar Prasad also uses this term quite often while criticising the government.

“The loss incurred by the exchequer is humungous; the people have the right to know how could the government allow this to happen?” Or “The consistent rise in food prices shows that the government was unable to anticipate the shortage. The people of India are asking ….” And so on.

Who are these people of India that our politicians are referring to all the time? – Is it the voter? In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the average turnout was around 60 per cent. I would think that the majority of these voters are rural, and not urban.

I really wonder how many of their issues have been handled well by the government. And for that matter, any Indian government.

As a Mumbai tabloid reported, during the peak of the onion prices crisis, farmers were being paid as little as Rs 4 per kg while it was being sold at Rs 60-80. Then, there has been a sugar shortage. Garlic and tomato prices on the boil.

In spite of the rotting food grains in Food Corporation of India godowns all across the country, the public distribution system has been unable to distribute them to the people. Television channels reported that some of the food grains being distributed had to be fed to dogs because of bad quality.

It’s not just food. Recently a woman killed a politician in Bihar for allegedly raping her for three years. Wasn’t this politician supposed to be a representative of people? Villagers, and most likely, voters are consistently targeted, raped, maimed and killed.

Unfortunately, the politicians representing these so-called ‘people of India’ have let them down miserably. And it is across parties. At the end of the day, barring a very few, most politicians suffer from the lack of a clean image. So much so, that the expectations from politicians are going down by the day.

‘The people of India’ want simple things. You can have your scams, let us have our food. Is it too much to ask?

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6 Responses to “‘The people of India’ – a much-abused term”

  1. Aliasgar Says:

    Thnxks for your views.
    As per me, the next big scam, to be unearthed will be the “Food Scam”… and CAG should hit them bang on target..
    As soon as its brought into limelight, better for us.
    Moral of it should be such that food inflation should become a thing of the past…

  2. Arun Says:

    Joydeep Saheb,

    I am proud of you for having said an apt idea so aptly. As regards comments, I will even a single man can bring about a whole lot of changes but the person will have to be determined. Very determined like Gandhi, Bose, Vivekananda. In the contemporary time, a Nitish, a Sonia can bring changes but for a country lke India you need some 20 to 50 such people. Maybe more.
    Best Regards

  3. Harish Kumar Says:

    I fully agree that The people of India’ want simple things. You can have your scams, let us have our food. Is it too much to ask? But this seems to be a dream. Rich becoming richer with globalization of India and poor becoming more poorer. God save India from these corrupt politicians surrounded by Uncivil civil servants.

  4. Nibir Khawash Says:

    I am agree with Ravi but I think there have huge different between Communism and Maoism. Few years ago, we had seen some MPs of our Parliament caught in bribe case and mainly they are from Congress and BJP . We had also seen glamourous Birth Day Ceremony of our Mayavati ji . But no Communist Leader have been found to do like this and no one have been arrested for taking bribe. Communism Believes in only Parliamentary Constitutes but Maoism belives to dominate country through gun power. Communism is a science where Maoism is a ruled. Go through any book which written by Karlmarx and Mao j dung , where you can find the basic difference.

    I believe we can easily change these political illness through proper education. An educated people easily understand what is the fault of ” Dr. Binayak Sen “? No one protest against these dirty political system except CPI(M)


    Very Nice Saying Sir…..!!…”"The People of India”'’

    Let them know that who are the people of India. There will be a time when someone like “”Nathuram Godse”’,
    “”Satwant Singh'’” & “Beant Singh” and the Lady from Bihar(MLA killer) (Do not consider these examples as the Great Personality or Role Model of mine) instead these are those people who did some crime because they didn’t got justice by the right way. So the People of India have very great tolerance capacity but when something goes beyond tolerance then its a blasting situation.

    Its my belief that “”Those Leaders who are involved in any type of scam like “”Chaara Gotala, Adarhs Scam, 2-G Spectrum Scam, just wait for the effect of the tears and blood came out of those people who died without food, blanket and the Health Treatment and many more reasons.

    And Mr. Sunny its not to wait for the change of all the people just change your mind the world will be change…..!!!
    If u think that raising the pocket of protester will give you a long journey of the Politics then remember the line “”Chaar Din Ki Chandani fir Andheri Raat”" and also go to the results of the BIHAR MLA Elections and ask the people that how many times NITISH KUMAR has raised the pocket of the Protester……….!!

    Anyway my opinion is that there must be some new rule entries and modifications in the old “”Rule of the Indian Constitution”" for the politics. Otherwise the day is not so much away when India will be in the Capture of “”Maoism and Communism”"

    Thank you

  6. Sunny Says:

    very true..but who will stop it..people are just ignorant as they find no time to fight it..and one or two who raise his voce get his pocket raised by the politician..I recall a statement from the SC judge that the corruption is so massive that even GOD cant help this country.


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