CWG over :) Let the games begin…

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October 20th, 2010 Joydeep Ghosh

October 14: Common Wealth Games (CWG) closing ceremony
October 15: Prime Minister felicitates CWG Winners. (Suresh Kalmadi reportedly ignored)
October 16: Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandi meet CWG Winners. (Suresh Kalmadi reportedly ignored)
October 16: Sheila Dikshit: The “real corruption seems to be with regard to the money given as loans to the Organising Committee (OC)”.
October 17: Suresh Kalmadi: The OC cannot be made ’scapegoats any more.’ Shiela Dikshit’s aspersions on corruption in the OC were “most disappointing and uncalled for” and that she must indulge in self-reflection on corruption in her own departments. Keeping quiet should not be interpreted as a “sign of weakness”.
In an interview to a television channel … Mr Kalmadi: The prime minister’s office invited me for the felicitation.
CAG, IT- departments probes initiated. Reports suggest that CWG scam worth Rs 8,000 crore.

The CWG hangover is barely over. But both newspapers and television channels are having a ball with all the related ‘breaking news’.
Saina Nehwal, who won that famous last-minute goal medal, to take India ahead of Britain has been relegated back to the sports page. The other winners share the same fate. Instead, we have a bunch of people (read politicians) who are hogging the limelight. As usual, for all the wrong reasons.
But what interests me is something else. Let’s assume that it is proved that there was an Rs 8,000 crore scam, what happens then?
Will the money be recovered, even some part of it, and paid back to the government?
Then, the bigger question: How will the government use this windfall?
Will it be used to bring down the fiscal deficit (even if, marginally)? At least, some international agency will improve our sovereign rating. Or,
Will there be another programme for the poor? At least, 25 per cent should reach them. Or,
Will the taxpayer, whose money was shamelessly wasted, be given some relief?
None, I feel.
At best, we will just identify the culprits and initiate a few more probes.
Let the games begin :)

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One Response to “CWG over :) Let the games begin…”

  1. Arpit Says:

    Awesome!!! i think you are bang on in your assessment on what really will happen!!! It is impossible that any single agency is to be blamed for the large scale fiasco….i think all this is just to show to public that you are being fooled again and there ain’t no thing you can do about it!!!! I think the media should now actively focus on usage of mega facilities built for the CWG so that at least some part of our money will reap some benefits…the biggest waste would be when these facilities are not maintained and under utilised…may be they can use the money they MIGHT recover (though no hope therE) for increasing monetary interests in different sports…for once may be even in Hockey!


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