Inconvenience in progress…

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July 29th, 2009 Joydeep Ghosh

Traffic snarls are a common feature in Mumbai. Hardly a day goes, when one is not stuck because roads are being dug somewhere, there’s some morcha and if nothing else, some construction work.

I travel by road on the Western line (for non-Mumbaites, the Western line is from Churchgate to Virar, maybe even further now). And there are stations like Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali that many Hindi movies have made quite famous.

Of course, the moment I say ‘I travel by road’, friends pounce on me to with ‘trains are much more simpler’ or ‘you waste so much money everyday’. Well, after taking their concerns into consideration, let’s say I don’t feel like travelling on Mumbai locals any more.

So, road it is for me. Yes, it costs me a bomb. And on bad traffic days, it leaves a huge hole in my wallet.

But what surprises me is the complete lackadaisical approach that the ‘BMC/MMRDA/whoever else is responsible’ has towards the city.

In 2005, when ‘Torrential Tuesday’ occurred, lakhs of people were completely stuck – hey even Aamir Khan was stranded. Four years since then, things have marginally changed.

Yes, a number of bridges have been built on the Western Express Highway. But roads still suck. Entry and exit to the Andheri bridge are always full of potholes. And every year and several times during the rainy season, BMC workers keep on filling it up (why can’t there be a permanent solution???).

The best part, though, is the Malad bridge. It is being built for god-knows-how-many-years, and still everyday on the way back, commuters spent at least 30-40 minutes on this stretch.

My sources (taxi drivers and autowalas) claim that there was some litigation initially. But if my memory serves me right, this bridge is being built for several years – in fact, longer than most of the other ones in the same route. Yet, I keep hearing that it will be completed this month or next month.

Let’s take into consideration the total cost one incurs while crawling through that single stretch. There would at least be a total of 5,000 – 10,000 cars or autos or taxis passing through that road everyday and each would be wasting least Rs 30-50 because of the hold up. The daily loss: Anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 5 lakh.

And if one multiples that number over last four-five years, the total amount would run into crores – perhaps, even more than the cost of constructing this bridge.

A point, the authorities should consider. But, it wouldn’t matter to them because it’s my pocket that takes the hit or their argument would be like my friends, ‘travel by train to save time and money’.

In Mumbai, one can see these hoardings all over the place. ‘Work in progress – Inconvenience regretted’.

To me it means… ‘Inconvenience in progress – Work regretted’

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6 Responses to “Inconvenience in progress…”

  1. Shan Says:

    @Arun Shrivastav:
    “Also, may i please ask you to brush your grammar and use the word everyday correctly.”

    May I in return ask you to brush up your English usage and use the term “brush up” correctly?

  2. Arun Shrivastav Says:

    Dear Joy Deep,

    Point well taken.
    But India is a poor country where something called below poverty line people exist in large numbers. Then you have reservation for the SC, ST and others — they are not only poor but also suppressed and downtrodden. The amount of fuel that you use to come to your office and reach home is all wasted if you calculate your productivity in the manner you have calculated hom much we are wasting on hold-up traffic.
    Sadly, no body is ready to see reason beyond his convenience. Also, may i please ask you to brush your grammar and use the word everyday correctly.

  3. shaweta Says:

    India is progressing and roads need to be developed is it not?
    But the irony is that this progress nad this development ae running contrary to each other, the sincere efforts of concerned authorities are required, not only in mumbai but all over India.Or else such development will only turn out to be disgusting nuance, nothing else
    Hey but the brighter side is that the situation is stimulating the use of public transport.don’t you feel so?

  4. Moin Nawaz Says:

    As we knw our fuel is subsidized by the government. This wasteful burning of fuel is also a loss to the ex chashier. Efficiency is totally missing in Mumbai. Wish some other state develop a great model city on a coast line. Land acquisition is difficult task though. I Guess the MMRDA/BMC should be scrapped. They are making money for themselfs. The centre should take over Mumbai and revamp the Municipal authority. The standard of living in this city is going from bad to worse.

  5. Mukesh Says:

    You seem be way off the mark. 5-10K vehicles pass through that stretch every hour (=3600 secs).

  6. khizar Says:

    i guess you are rite but still if you prefer public transport then it ll be good…….. we can only pray for INDIA’s future….. hope INDIA prospers in every field…… i think if everybody does his duty with passion and devotion then definitely there will be no problem and we can all have good things to say about all


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